Travel Philippines – Tagaytay – Lake Taal Volcano

Lake Taal Volcano

Tagaytay and Lake Taal – Philippines

Tagaytay City is situated in Cavite Province approximately thirty miles south of Manila. To the north one sees, Manila Bay, Taal Lake and Taal Volcano are on the south, Laguna Bay is to the east and the China Sea is on the west.  It is a wonderful locale and the temps were a tad cooler than the Philippine’s in general as a soft breeze wafting through the air seemed ever present and because of that, the area has attracted many tourists tired of the unending heat and humidity.

Dots of light from fishing boats illuminate the lake during nightfall.

Picnic Grove

The Picnic Grove, is a nice reprieve and rest area from the many activities that are Taal Lake.   One of those activities, renting a horse, was an eye-opener for me!  Only because the

Pilipino horse

Philippine horse was so much smaller than the horses I was accustomed to seeing in the U.S.  I was afraid of hurting the animal by riding on its back.

Pineapple Plantation, Tagaytay
Soon enough though, that fear was lain to rest as my girlfriend and I clipped-clopped our way on the Pineapple Plantation Road.   Off in the distance in the other direction was, Ferdinand Marcos, “Mansion in the Sky.”   That place is now called, “People’s Park.  People’s Park in the Sky is like stepping into a ghost mansion. The incomplete building perched on the top of the hill was under construction by the Marcos’ when they were exiled from Philippines.  It has been left untouched ever since. Despite apparently being a tourist attraction, there has been zero maintenance and the place is stunningly dilapidated.

Away from the heavily populated and polluted air of the city and suburbs of Manila one notices immediately the improved, fresh air quality.  And of course, the huge difference between the concrete and glass jungle, to that of lush greens and brightly colored wildflowers, the natural paradise that God created the Philippines to be.                                                                             

The Philippine Islands have been blessed with an abundance of delectable fruits.

Allow me to impart a little bit of history concerning the area… Tagaytay played a distinctive part during the country’s 1896 Revolution.  It offered shelter from bad weather as well as places to hide.  The forests, ridges and rolling terrain provided these revolutionaries, many from the neighboring towns of Southern Luzon with an immediate sanctuary.

President Manuel Quezon in 1938 made Tagaytay a chartered city, and today; it is considered the center of tourism for the Calabarzon Region.  I lived in nearby Santa Rosa, Laguna when I visited and so just rode the inexpensive Jeepney, however; buses, SUV’s and other transportation can be attained through any of the helpful travel agencies or hotels, so come and check on this area .

The closing years of World War II saw military personnel and supplies dropped on the ridges of Tagaytay before the Liberation of “Manila” from the Japanese.

Philippines map

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