Good for the People?

No Shame in Politics

 Politicians are just plain liars. All of them, and most are good at fibbing to their constituents.  It seems they can have a certain population believing all that spews forth, if they like the candidate, his coolness, and his oratory skills (even though he is only reading the lines from a teleprompter) well he will be praised.

But take that same cool, calm, collected individual in a question answering situation and he hems and haws, “Ahh, look ahh, look ahh, it was a bad situation before we took office and though the family and I took a four year vacation don’t forget, we campaigned hard those four years.  I managed to intersperse some business in between all the campaigning and vacationing.  Look, I got Bin Laden, didn’t I? 

And, didn’t I bail out Wall Street and banks that were presumably too big to fail?  Didn’t I rescue GM?  Didn’t I payback all of those bought votes and award billions to Solyndra and other green energy types. 

Didn’t I make unions strong?  With the unions in control and having a seat at the White House, they can charge whatever they think the public will bear.  Because of the high cost and laze-fare of the union worker the average homeowner or parent cannot afford to get the work, they need, done.  I think there should be only a two-day work-week and with the benefits the unions can get for you, well, you will earn more and have 5 days a week off!  The government will guarantee any pay discrepancy there may be.

Look, we have to do away with gas and oil, and coal and all fossil fuels.  Let’s get rid of all the dams in the U.S.A. so we are not paying exorbitant electricity rates, I mean, look ahh, it would cost so much and take so long to refuel your electric auto and I want us all to be sporting new electric hybrids.  Oh sure, the initial cash layout is over $50,000 but in the long run…Besides I promised these people (behind closed doors) that the government is behind them and I told them that we’ve got their back…we will just print more money if it is needed.  But look, let’s help Brazil by buying as much as we can of their oil and we’ll stop that ugly oil pipeline from Canada. Well sure that would create jobs but I need to look important on the world stage; I am after all the coolest of all leaders and basketball stars.

Didn’t I have a song written about me and brainwash all students to think that I was perfect, m-m-m?    And those republicans are so rich.  (Well not all Sir, for I am one whose only income is from disability insurance and we did not receive one single cost-of-living increase for the first 3 years of your presidency.  Then, miraculously, one was given this election year.  The thing is sir; less income meant a bigger dependency upon your government.) Well okay, but most republicans are rich…  I have to hob-nob with my movie star buds and pals, and go on television shows like, The View, and David Letterman instead of tending to business at hand.  The thing is, I can get any amount of money needed because they all have my word that the government will take care of them.

Well, sorry to say but I must leave now; my T-time at the country club is only three hours away and I need to get dressed and have my gourmet meal delivered to my room.  We will talk again, and look, thanks for listening.

3 thoughts on “Good for the People?

  1. And yes, I will be watching the debate this evening. It should be interesting because Obama (for the first time) is on defense.


  2. Hey Bisr, glad you liked it and I thank you for your comments. Do you recall how Joe Biden laughed and sneered at Ryan during their debate…well read Proverbs 29:9, no I will include it here…Proverbs 29:9 English Standard Version (ESV)

    9 If a wise man has an argument with a fool,
    the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.


  3. Politics! Everything is so political. Are you ready for the debate tomorrow night? I wonder if the President will show up this time.

    This is a well-written and meaningful article. Imagine what life would be like if rehabilitation was ongoing until they supported all of us back-to-work and functioning where we need and want to be. It’s cheaper to pay disability then pay for rehabilitation. How do we hold our government and insurance companies responsible? It’s simply a financial decision and of course political too!


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