Inexpensive but Nice

The Little Yellow House

Little yellow dollhouse in the country…

Yes this is the home, Claudia, found for us in Bauang, La Union and there she is on the porch.  The place was small, but how much room did we need?  There were two bedrooms; a shower and a (flush toilet) not all homes in the Philippines have those sanitary commodes that we (Americans) take for granted. There was only Claudia, her son, and myself living there and this place was fine.  Just as the exchange rate was in our (foreigners) favor the low rents add to the draw of the Philippines…the little house in the country was only php 4000 (roughly $100) per month.

Our neighbors were fantastic! Fe, the wife of Larry and both the proud parents’ of guitar strumming, Sheeba, little playful, Idelle, bird catching, Jefferson…  I watched quietly and in amazement from my porch at how tactfully and without sound he caught a bird with bare hands; I was mightily impressed.  He stood in one place, very still and then Jefferson made a cupped-hand whistle and got down on his knees and the dove appeared.  He dove at it and actually caught the bird. His brother, Glenn, is remembered for coming to the house with his friend’s, Christmas caroling.  That act of kindness came in October and caught me totally off guard.   The Fernandez family treated me with such kindness, and even their lola (grandma) and lolo (grandpa), as did most Filipinos.

I can recall one time when Claudia was stung by a centipede, and you will never forget the pain if it happens to you.   Anyway, Fe brought Lola over (because she was also shaman like) to have a look-see.  I was in the next room and the crying of Claudia turned to giggles from Lola, Fe and Claudia.

Lola also came over one time because I was having flu-like symptoms and she tried to work some of her magic on me, but she decided that I would just have to wait out the affliction.  “it will be gone in seven days” and do you know that it did disappear in exactly seven days.  I wish I could remember the name of it, but I can’t, maybe someone who knows of what I am speaking will tell me, thanks.

To be continued…

4 thoughts on “Inexpensive but Nice

    1. Thanks Sheeba, I have continued the story and if you would like to read more just click on the “Archive” at the right side of page and when the menu drops down choose the months of October and November 2012, or on the right side of the page again choose, “Categories” and from the drop down choose Philippines. Happy reading!


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