“Beautiful, Funny, and Smart”

My Intelligent Little Girl

Returning home from an arduous day at school, on Jim's bus
Returning home from an arduous day at school, on Jim’s bus

My five year old daughter steps off the school bus after her first day of school, opens the door and walks toward the kitchen.  Stephanie stops to look at me sitting at the table and says, “Oh Dad, by the way –  I don’t have to go to school anymore.”

That remark was made even cuter coming from the lips of a little child.  My interest was peaked and so I had to ask…”Why not?”

Her reply, said matter of factly, “I already know everything!”

Wow, I held back the boisterous laughter and asked, “Really?”

Stephanie answered so confidently that my thinking was swayed and I began to question my own thoughts?  Is she an autistic savant like in the movie, Rain Man?

Cover of "Rain Man"
Cover of Rain Man

I asked that question of myself because since her diagnosis of autism at age two and before I noticed some peculiar behavior, for a kid.  She would, for hours, sit and turn one page at a time, the phone book.   The phone book got old after about a week and she graduated to the Bible, and again, page by page.

I never thought anything of it until sitting in adult Sunday School one morning the pastor asked a question and I think it went like this, “How many days  did Job not talk?”

Stephanie’s little hand shot up!  The Pastor said that he normally would not call on a child but he made an exception, “Stephanie?”

She responded correctly and told him, “Seven”.  I didn’t even know the answer so obviously I began thinking of her days alone with the Bible and wondered if she had actually understood?

One beautiful sunny, fall day we were at my sister’s place and Linda and I sat in Andirondack chairs.  Between them was a small waterfall and Stephanie was four at the time but asked Linda if she had bought it in Indonesia?    Linda thought it amazing that Stephanie was able to spell the word in her mind and pronounce it correctly, much less, make an adult sentence using it.  Linda explained to her that the item was “Made in Indonesia” and she just purchased it at a store here in Minnesota.

Now nine years old Stephanie continues to amaze at times.  I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to raise her and watch her change as she grows..

Anticipation, Maree, Stephanie and unknown
Anticipation, Maree, Stephanie and unknown

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