Pets With Personality – Parakeets

Stephanie’s Pets

Stephanie the parakeet on daughter Steph’s shoulder
I purchased Stephanie’s 1st Parakeet around April 9th, 2010 for a birthday present.  It is the one sitting on her shoulder as she got ready for Halloween. When we bought the bird, “Stephanie” (Stephanie the girl, named her) and brought her home she seemed very happy – and chatty; I read since then that a happy parakeet is a noisy Parakeet. Well, It wasn’t long, maybe a week, and the chatty bird was quiet, real quiet. The Parakeet, Stephanie, wouldn’t even fly out of her cage (she loved doing that the first several days) and I remarked to my daughter that there was something wrong with the bird. “Let me call the vet. okay Steph? Maybe s/he will be able to tell me what’s wrong.” Well I called 3 of them before connecting with one who cared for birds, however, her words disappointed me. “You can bring the bird in for a checkup and we will figure out why she isn’t chatting or (by this time she was no longer eating) eating. There are a few things I’d like to check.” “Okay” I replied, “How much?”

The vet’s reply really floored me, “$75.”

“And that’s just be to find out what the problem is? I think I’ll just keep my eye on her and if the problem gets worse, I’ll bring her into you, thanks.”

I bought an inexpensive book (less than $7) about Parakeets (Parakeets for Dummies) at the pet store. Stephanie, my daughter who is a super fast and thorough reader found the answer quickly, “Dad, the bird just needs a mate!”

She did more reading and discovered that 2 females are very noisy and that it would be best to pair a male with a female.

The 2nd Parakeet

               Stephanie & Steve
My daughter and I went to the pet store to buy the companion bird for her Stephanie. She fixed her eyes on one right away. “Didn’t you tell me that it would be best to have a male and female? How do you know which that bird is?” “It’s a male Dad because the line across the top of its beak is blue and the female’s is beige or pink.” “Wow, you learned all about them with that little book, huh? Congratulations! Okay let’s get some…” “Dad can we get some toys?”

“I was just saying that we should get some food, litter, a mirror…and some toys, but only 2.”

We brought home, Stephanie’s companion and of course, Steph named him after me, Steve.

Great Stuff on Amazon

What You’ll Need To Get Started…

The birds themselves are relatively inexpensive, usually less than $20. However, the birdcage, litter papers and bedding (you can just use newspaper for this part) and food and of course you will also buy some toys, which will bring your initial outlay to over $100 but the enjoyment received will be well worth the cost. That cost my friend is minimal when compared to the price of other types of pets.

I mentioned earlier that they had their own personalities well let me give an example: The female, Stephanie, is madly in love with herself it would seem. Wherever a mirror or reflection is visible she will be there. The male, Steve, does not care to view himself ever, but will sit staring at the female looking at herself. He seems afraid to do anything without her. What have your experiences been?

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