Quaint City of Mountain Province


Sagada, the coolest spot I’ve been to in the Philippines and I have traveled to many areas of the archipelago. The city of Sagada is in Mountain Province a province to the east of the city of Baguio (the summer capital of the islands because of its cooler temperatures) and the province of Benguet. Though probably most noted for its hanging coffins it is a city and province of much beauty and serene hills and valleys. And let’s not forget the, Sagada Rice Terraces. Though on a smaller scale than Banaue’s Rice Terraces they are just as beautiful to behold. 

Though Banaue isn't far away their terraces were sculpted from dirt.  The Sagada terraces were developed from rock.
Though Banaue isn’t far away their terraces were sculpted from dirt. The Sagada terraces were developed from rock.
Hanging coffins in Echo-Valley Sagada
Hanging coffins in Echo-Valley Sagada

More Natural Beauty, the Waterfalls

Waterfalls and Caves

The big - OK Falls
The big – OK Falls

You may think that a waterfall needs to be big and forceful, but I tell you a tall but sinewy drop is aesthetically just as

Native spelunkers
Native spelunkers

pleasing if not more so…for lovers. And I believe the Filipino to be a romantic, loving and caring people. You can walk the downtown area and it is clean. They have their market set up in front of one of the hotels where the bus stops and passengers get out to walk and stretch and have something to eat.



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Books to Help With Your Philippine Travels of Mountain Province

Traveling Mountain Province

This is a Beautiful Province

Rice Terraces, Waterfalls, Caves, Hanging Coffins

If you go, please send pics for me to download.

3 thoughts on “Quaint City of Mountain Province

  1. Thank you for the kind words. You will always be welcome here.
    I live in Baguio, but i have visited Sagada and it is beautiful. I know the Philippines is nothing compared to the beauty and the wonders of nature in your land, but we do appreciate what we have. We do look up to your nation, in fact probably the most common childhood dream you will hear from our people is that they would love to set foot on US oil. I included maybe from watching too much western movies. But we Filipinos love our traditions and culture and that what makes us stay here and appreciate what little we have. Our family bond is bonds are strong and that is what we are proud of.
    May God bless you always and in all your travels.


    1. Hi Cathy,

      I appreciate your welcoming words. I have also been to Baguio three times and spent the night in your pretty city before heading on to Sagada. I was surprised to get cold (in sa Pilipinas) but it happened in Baguio the first time and also in Sagada when the sun went down in those cities I wished that I’d brought my sweatshirt, but I learned a lesson and will bring it the next time. I enjoyed sa ‘ganda bulaklak festival and enjoyed the American feel to Baguio.

      It is always better to appreciate what you have, than, want what you don’t have, so I applaud you!

      I happen to be of the mind that – no matter what or where and no matter how grandiose or how diminutive the site it will be interpreted either way, depending on who you’re with, korek? Have a good day.


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