Our Beloved Parakeets

Carolina parakeets by John James Audubon (1833)
Carolina parakeets by John James Audubon (1833) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Our Loved Ones

Female and Male Parakeets Initially one bird was purchased and that one was purchased for my daughter. As months passed I thought it nice that the bird (Steph) became quiet. My daughter, Stephanie, who is nine named both birds but the female came months ahead of (Steve) the male. Anyway, (Steph) had become very, very quiet and I began to sense something was wrong. My daughter noticed it too for she began throwing questions at me for which I had no answer. That got me busy; I phoned five different veterinarians but most did not deal with birds. The one that did was about twenty miles away and would need seventy-five dollars just to look at the twenty-dollar bird. Stephanie and I instead went to the pet store and bought the book – “Parakeets for Dummies” and my daughter immediately pointed me to a paragraph about quiet birds and how it is usually a matter of being lonely. And also these words: “A happy bird is a noisy bird!”

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Our Unique Birds

Greens and Yellows, mainly

Stephanie and I ventured to the pet store once again to buy a companion for (Steph), but this time we would get a male because two females, the book said, are really noisy. Our birds must be extremely happy because everyday they chirp loudly, they were so loud, that I had to move them upstairs to my daughter’s bedroom. There she has trained them to fly from their cage in the mornings to the top of the window frame on the opposite side of the room. Then, the female flits away to the dresser mirror and looks at herself constantly and continuously all the day long. Her mate pays the mirror no mind and is content to watch the female (much like humans), until Stephanie gets home from school. Stephanie gets out the hand mirror, shows it to the female and immediately (Steph) flits over to it. Stephanie and I usually play some sort of game while both birds are on the floor with us. On the floor, the male stays busy pecking at the cards or just strutting about while the female is of course looking at herself! She is always admiring herself, but she is pretty! The male and female birds are green and yellow, however, the female’s colors are bright, almost illuminated colors, it would seem and the males green and ‘yellows are more muted. Hmm that’s odd isn’t it? Because in the animal kingdom the male is always more vibrant in its colors; there is always the exception to the rule.

Steve & Steph, the Birds

What Type of Home

I also bought a nesting box and some fluff they could pull apart with their beaks to create their home. I want my daughter to see the process from egg to mature adult. We bought a large Cockatiel cage for them when we moved the pair upstairs and they really love their surroundings. The birds need to be coaxed out of their sanctuary each morning, but when the sun goes down they are back in the cage without even a warning. Perhaps the reason for that is because one night they stayed out til the room had turned dark as night because it was night! My daughter and I tried getting them back in the cage, however; they stayed out and then it was past my daughter Stephanie’s bedtime. I told her, “The birds will be okay. They’ll find their way back home, you go to sleep now and I will lay with you until the parakeets return to their cage. We said a prayer and I kissed her goodnight. Occasionally I heard fluttering and a small, “bump” then CRASH, BANG in and out of the closet and FLUTTER, FLUTTER into the cage they went. I told Stephanie they were safe but she was already sleeping. Sometimes I go up there midday and they are usually happy and chirping loudly in that cage. On top of the cage is a ladder in between a food and water dish and in place of simply flying to those dishes, they both climb the ladder, even taking turns, they are so funny. Getting to know the birds more on a one to one basis, I sense a closer relationship with the creator. And my daughter just loves them also and that is a good thing because she is the reason I happened on my new-found love. A parakeet’s life is not so long. Their bird’s expectancy is about ten years and as I bought them for her eighth birthday, they should be around to see her graduate high school. At which point, I will have to buy a pair for myself. And so it goes, now I am a happy bird lover forever.

A Terrific Home For Your Birds…

Mine is used without the seed guards

Prevue Hendryx 3152C Pet Products Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage, Chalk White

Prevue Hendryx 3152C Pet Products Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage, Chalk White

The, Prevue Hendryx 3151C Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage, is an aviary for the pair of birds I have. I purchased it in their Chalk White color which blends in well with the surroundings. The birds have been happy, not so with a regular-sized bird-cage even though they were out of the smaller one more than they were in (I felt sorry for them not being able to stretch their wings) With the aviary, I let them out once a day but then they return to it after a couple of hours of flitting about.

There is a little playground on top of this cage with a food and water dish and a single ladder leading up to them. The birds instinctively climb that ladder to the desired spot. Then they fly into the cage below where I have also placed a nesting box and though the box has yet to be used, it is there for them. That box would have never fit in the smaller cage. There is also a covered food and water dish inside (purchased separately). The aviary comes with two more bowls for food inside, but they are uncovered. Whereas I was cleaning the small cage twice weekly and always had papers underneath their favorite perching area, i would also have to vacuum the area two times a week. Now with the new one that was so simple to snap together, the cleaning only has to be done twice a month (probably not that often) and there are slide out drawers to do so. The cleaning is effortless and sanitary. I am saving on bird-cage liner, which I never used before because it would have been too costly so instead used my kid’s watercolor paper.

I am so glad I purchased this Cockatiel aviary (I would consider it too small for the larger Cockatiel) for my parakeets. It fit together nicely without any tools, save for a screwdriver, and I had it put together in less than an hour (I am disabled and have no dexterity). It cleans effortlessly and looks wonderful! I am extremely satisfied and I wish that I purchased a long time ago…

$255.05 Buy Now

Can’t get over her own beauty

               (see the bird staring into the mirror)


(Steph) staring at a hand-held mirror on the bed and she goes directly to it, or the mirror on Stephanie’s dresser or the tinier mirror in (Steph’s) cage. She truly is in love with herself, so cute in a bird and so disgusting in a human.

Two real beauties

Stephanie even without her hair brushed and (Steph) on her arm. Her contrasting yellows and greens give off a kind of neon glow.

Please leave comments about all types of birds, thank you.

This story was about something loved, I hope it was an enjoyable and educational read.

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  1. Hey there! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading this post
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    I will forward this article to him. Prettty sure
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