ADHD – Coffee

Natalie in her burrow
Winter is Nat’s favorite time of year.  Natalie peeking out of  her burrow.

Coffee as an Aid to ADHD

 I was viewing the news today and HLN had a story about a Mom giving coffee to her seven-year old ADHD

second-grader.  I watched and listened with interest because my daughter moves about quickly, constantly,

and continuously. Natalie was tested for ADHD just two years ago when she was eight, but I was told the

tests were negative… really? 

Because of my age, fifty-nine,  I thought I was imagining some of that busyness or that I forgot that kids are fidgety.  Was I like that in my early years? Are all kids similar?  I certainly

couldn’t remember being so active, nor could I recall any of my friends being constantly busy.

Natalie is the most Christ-like person I have ever seen.  Her kindness and willingness to give all makes her a target to take advantage of, and many do that.

 Yesterday she came running into the house all out of breath and very modest.  I hugged her and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Between sobs Nat said, “I told him I was sorry…”

“Whoa Nat, you told who you were sorry and for what?”

“John’s brother, Jim. He was trying to make me play a game I told them I didn’t want to play – weapon hide and seek.”

“That doesn’t sound like a nice game…”

“I know,” she said, “It’s not nice I don’t think.  Jim held my arms and was telling me I had to go by the bush, so I got my arm loose and hit him.  Then I

ran home.” Natalie began gasping for breath and said again, “I told him I was sorry.”

I think she was feeling as if she did something wrong (I assured her that she did not) because I was always preaching non-violence to her and telling her

that, “A girl shouldn’t fight.” I gave a strong hug and told her that everything would be all right.  “Don’t worry Nat, kids forget things the next day.”

"Nha, nha come on to the right"
“Nha, nha come on to the right”

Just last week she was playing at the neighbor’s, that’s what I was told; however she has since told me that the neighbor girl’s mom had Natalie clean

that girl (Ashley’s) bedroom.  Ashley waited in the bathroom and didn’t go into her bedroom until Natalie had cleaned it. And when she saw how well

Nat had cleaned it she only requested her to do more.  The next time Natalie went over there she was wearing her white dress sandals and two days

later Ashley was at the door and they were on Ashley’s feet.  I remember looking for them for church but not finding them.  Another time it was

Natalie’s coat that Ashley had hanging in her closet…

Natalie’s reasoning was, “Okay it didn’t take me long to clean and Ashley didn’t know how; I really didn’t mind.  I like giving to others; it makes me

happy.” I explained that it is good to help others by giving, and like the gift of cleaning her room, there doesn’t need to be money involved ever.  Never

give to someone else a gift that had been given to you. 

Occasionally I drive by Nat’s school at her recess time and though she doesn’t see me, I see her and always alone; my heart breaks.  Guess I am overly

Happy Nat in the water
Happy Nat in the water

sensitive and especially with matters involving Natalie.

Naturally, when I read about the giving of coffee to help ADHD kids, I paid close attention.  Though I don’t

know how, to even remotely suggest to Nat that she drink a cup-o’ joe before school.  She has always been

the one to keep me in check with my coffee intake, telling me, “Dad don’t drink any after noon because you

won’t sleep at night.”  

Maybe it would be best to begin with pretend coffee like, International Foods Swiss Mocha?  Or maybe I

could add some ice and cold coffee to her preferred juice drinks…apple, orange and cranapple?  Please

comment with your tips; I do not own a blender so please keep that in mind.  Anyway, I began to research

this newly discovered information and the following are my findings:

It’s the caffeine that does the trick so it wouldn’t have to be coffee but something with high caffeine content; and thankfully she does not like soda-pop.

 I want to give it to her before school because the caffeine is supposed to improve her concentration maybe and it, maybe, would keep her focused on

her schoolwork.  She is the top reader of her advanced reading class and her math skills are great, but Natalie never completes a job, she gets bored.

 The caffeine would help her stay focused on one thing, I hope.   However, another woman says that she had tried the coffee with her ADHD child and

the boy became more hyper.  So  just like anything else – what works for one may not work for another.

There are many more who give high marks to the coffee idea such as the Sunday School teacher who taught first graders.  He had one student that was

ADHD but noticed how well-behaved and focused the boy had been in the recent past. The child’s mom, dad, and Sunday school teacher noticed that

when he drank coffee before, like with his breakfast, the boy was extremely well-behaved, focused and kept his hands to himself. 

I continue to try different non-financial things to improve my brain and nerve functions (I had a severe, traumatic brain injury and my daughter has

been afflicted with mild autism.)  As far as I can tell the good results of drinking coffee outweigh the bad.  Let’s take for example – alertness – regular

consumption increases brainpower and keeps the mind active. 

My research has also found that it is possible caffeine may prevent occurrences of Parkinson’s disease.  Their thinking was because the caffeine keeps

the dopamine active and the dopamine engages the pleasure centers of the brain. 

Caffeine is an antioxidant, and antioxidants prevent heart ailments and some forms of cancer.

So then, caffeine is good for the body, but if the intake is too much it is bad! As seems to be true with all things – moderation is the key. “What can it hurt to give it a try in avoiding medication,” one lady said. 

I must agree, though caffeine is also a drug but one that is controllable.  Like they say, one has to take the good with the bad!  Coffee jitters or hyperactivity?  Focusing ability or inability to concentrate; the decision is yours. 

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Wouldn’t any soothing CD do the same thing, try some ENYA or Classical music or sea sounds…


I think this is a good idea because it would encourage some sort of movement.  I was confined to a wheelchair for months and so  understand how easy it is to become bored, and then your muscles begin to atrophy.  Anything to encourage movement of some sort even if it is just fingers and toes; any movement is beneficial.

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if coffee could fix some of the ills?

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  1. Every weekend I visit this web site, as I want enjoyment; I find that in your writing. This website’s humorous undertones offer a unique writing style. Of course, you have many interesting things to write about. My only wish is that you could write more.


    1. Wow thanks so much for the visits and for enjoying the writing. Someday I hope to be writing more, thanks again.


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