Why I will be returning…

Provinces and regions of the Philippines
Provinces and regions of the Philippines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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1) Why did you initially come to the Philippines? – Physical Therapy that was affordable, and the
fact that the Philippines were the third largest English-speaking country in the world, and of course, the insanely low cost of living.

 2) What was your first impression of Manila? – The polluted air while waiting for a cab

English: Map of La Union showing the location ...
English: Map of La Union showing the location of Bauang (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

outside the airport.  The abject, miserable poverty; etched in my memory are the children walking between cars begging as they went. 

3) What made you decide to live here? – A trip to see friends in Cebu and then a day trip to Barili Province.   We gingerly stepped down the steep hillside to sea level where older Filipinos worked on their boats (mga banca), toddlers played in the sand washed by the gentle waves, teens played volleyball farther inland on the grassy area as the anties cooked lunch on the porches of Nipa Huts.  I told ‘Nita right then and there, “This is where I want to live!”

Then while living in Bauang a city on Luzon Island.  I enjoyed the walks along the beach as a part of my therapy,  I loved the pandesal deliveries each morning, mighty tasty breakfast bread.

Well I spent about five years in the Philippines, but mostly on the big island of Luzon.  I did a lot of traveling during those years but returned to America in 2004.  I meant for it to be a two-month stay so I could show our baby to my parents, but that Filipina refused to return and caused me so many problems that I have just now recovered enough to go back to P. I. minus the asawa but with daughter who was born in the province of Bataan. 

I look forward to hearing some fun, interesting stories from any and all, Salamat…



4 thoughts on “Why I will be returning…

  1. I am saddened by your wife not wanting to return 😦

    on a lighter thought, i am pleased to know you stayed in Bauang. My family is 3 towns away from Bauang as i also am from La Union. Be happy sir!


    1. Yes me too, but it is what it is and nothing can change that. I will continue raising our daughter singlehandedly which I have done since she was three and Stephanie is now twelve. She is a straight “A” student and is scheduled to be in the “Honors English Program” when she begins the seventh grade. She leads the class now at her karate lessons that she attends four days and evenings per week She brought home a second place trophy in sparring at her very first meet. Do you recall Michaela’s on the beach? That was probably my favorite place in that area.

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      1. wow. there goes your greatest accomplishment perhaps as a father — a talented and academically-inclined daughter, Kudos to that sir. Hope she continues to grow up even more beautifully and that she may always make you proud.

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      2. Yes I think you are right, Stephanie is my redeemer; at least that’s my belief. We are both lucky and I think…blessed to have each other. Where are you from in sa Pilipinas?


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