Oh The Terror

Terror Filled Nights


Afraid to go to sleep because I knew that once my eyes closed these two guys would enter our room and rape and sodomize us; there were three others whom I shared the room with.

The four of us never spoke to one another; maybe they were like me just out of a coma and unable to talk?    After the nurse’s station had cleared out and the lights were shut off except for, low-wattage lights that seemed to create a halo beyond the large glass windows; the two unknowns would sneak in.

These guys were in here for one reason only; they are really sick, twisted, demented and unscrupulous.  Taking advantage of us who were so vulnerable and unable to protect ourselves.

I wondered if maybe I were their only target?  Never did I hear any noise from the others, no kicking or flailing about; was it only I?  I will stay awake this time and find out.  Oh – shhhh, here they quietly come… Gingerly the door is opened and the two are whispering to each other.

I watched as they kept whispering and first went to the bed across from me; that guy is going to get it tonight, but wait a minute, they only rolled him halfway, onto his side and that’s it, on to the next bed on that side of the room.  Now they pick?  These guys are more despicable than I previously thought.

Anybody who would take advantage of another human who couldn’t defend themselves hey wait a minute; isn’t the fear of being raped and being unable to stop it the fear of all women since Eve?  I am now woman-like and I would not be the least bit surprised if a woman could take me.

I was thinking of how to defend myself as they mysteriously moved to the other bed – the one right next to mine! They did the same to this guy as they did with the first one, they rolled him onto his side oooh here they come to my bed.  How will I get the nurses to believe me in the morning, how will I get anyone to believe me ever?

I began screaming and kicking wildly and then heard one of them say, “It’s okay, the sheet is dry.”

A person goes through some madcap hallucinations when coming out of a coma.













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