Mrs. President, Why?

Mrs. President, Why Do You Not Know What Is Going On?

The President infuriates, exasperated, and downright sickens me.  Those words give a little insight about what we as Americans have to deal with…

The first female president of the U.S. has a proven track record of not caring. She didn’t care to read the stimulus she had PROMISED to go over line by line.  She didn’t  CUT the deficit in her first term as she had PROMISED.  She didn’t keep her word about being the first transparent President.  She MISLEAD, and she LIED.   Insert here whatever word makes you feel good, but the you need to know that she is incompetent to be president of this great country, much less, overseer of the free world.

She curtsied to royalty on her trip to the Mid-East, (huh?) and she apologized for America’s “arrogance”?  I never noticed a shadow of arrogance while visiting Hong Kong, Japan, or the Philippines. What does she think about while doing such things and how did she ever become president?  Does she think America owes the world something?

I even heard some Filipinos say that they were dumb for gaining their independence from America without going to war with them first.  Wow, that was quite a statement to make but I see his point.  He went on to explain his position…”If we had gone to war with them we surely would have lost, but in losing, we would actually have won because then they would’ve fixed all that was wrong with our land.  Look at Hawaii!”

Just consider what the Americans have done for the Japanese, the Germans and so on.  Americans leave any country they go to war with in better shape than it had ever been. They financed the rebuilding of those countries after they went to war with them.  Today those countries are powerhouses of finance.  The Americans would have done the same for us.    We Filipinos are so hard-headed!  We have to be right all the time, no matter what,  We are stupid for being that way with the Americans.  Just imagine all they would’ve given us!

Be that as it may, she promotes the Muslim holidays but downplays any Christian affiliations to anything.  Why does that shock you, as I know some of you are. I mean instead of voting the incumbent in (at least you knew who you were getting; where he stood on the issues) you voted a relative unknown into office.  Every POTUS wannabe offers up, “Hope and change,” but how many have ever delivered on their promises?  There is an old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!” And in this case, those words ring true and certainly truer than hope and change.

What American’s should be up in arms about are her WILD and RECKLESS SPENDING habits that are placing America (as we know it) in grave jeopardy.  If one would only read their history and take note of all the greatest civilizations, then, there would be an understanding of the direction of this once great nation.

Let’s look at poverty under the first ever woman president…and poverty leads to fear and yes, good citizen’s of this country are scared. They are scared because of the dirty politics being used, one day this, the next day that, there doesn’t seem to be a cohesiveness, we need a leader.  God help us all.

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