The Chicken Governor Who Became Tax Crazed!

English: Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Gov...
English: Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Governor Mark Dayton attending a joint meeting of the Republican House and Senate Caucuses of the State Legislature. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A Fair Representation…

I had the rare opportunity to live in a more prosperous time.  Hell, almost any time of the 20th century, was more prosperous.  The only reason the unemployment rate is below 8 percent is because people have been out of work for so long that they gave up looking for employment.  The pres. takes undue admiration for bringing that rate down from a high of 14 percent in one state. 

Things are not improving as the media would have you believe and the only thing prospering are taxes…more and more taxes.  The Gov. of the state of Minnesota has even created the only tax of its kind in the nation – a warehouse tax! You know what that did, right? Yes, businesses that use a warehouse have said they will be moving to another state, probably the most neighboring states.  Minnesota is taxing its moneymakers away from here.

However, the chicken governor may get that tax repealed before it even starts, I hope so.   Incidentally, I refer to him as the “Chicken Governor” for two reasons… 1.) When he was a senator and there was a theoretical terrorist threat that the senatorial offices may be attacked, the now governor of Minnesota Shut Down His Washington Senate Office.  “When Senator Mark Dayton shut down his Washington office last week, supposedly out of concern for his staff’s safety, many on Capitol Hill wondered if the Minnesota Democrat knew something nobody else did.

Minnesota State Capitol building in Saint Paul...
Minnesota State Capitol building in Saint Paul, designed by Cass Gilbert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  The answer, it turned out, was that he seemed just plain scared.  2.) The governor always appears to be crying or on the brink of tears.

I have not written anything not already heard or written before.  The public knew all about his history…and yet they elected him governor. 

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