Steph with her brothers...
Stephanie with her brothers…


My Daughter Is Enjoying…

Stephanie seems to relish the time spent with her mother and step brothers, in New York this time around.  She was there once before, but only for a week in 2011.

Brother and sister - shopping
Brother Joey, stepsister Stephanie – shopping

She was ten in April and is only one and a half years younger than her older brother Joey (his name while we lived in the Philippines) Rhedlee now, but at times he is also called Francis. He will be twelve in November, so the two of them relate to each other.  She gets to be an assistant to her mother while they watch the baby step brother, Gabriel.

Then last weekend Stephanie’s mom took the kids to Playland in Westchester County, New York, about eleven miles from the Bronx.   The kids went on rides of all kinds but I think Stephanie’s favorite were the bumper cars!  Her mom even text me that, “Stephanie knows how to steer better than Rhed,” Paz was impressed!

Bumper car wizard
Bumper car wizard – Steph

Stephanie got a pet that her mother hadn’t intended on and not from a pet store either; they were at a store or market

Look - it's a crab!
Look – it’s a crab!

and Stephanie fell for a crab.  Paz allowed it and when they got home set the

crab up in an aquarium. I guess the crab was eaten, of course, that is what they are for – they are food.

I talked with Stephanie again this evening, the 28th of July, and I mentioned that she looked tired.

This is what she told me, “I’m tired from too much walking, we went to Lego Land Dad.”  Well I had no idea the amount of walking involved but exercise is always good for her; exercise is good for everybody.

I said, “Wow,” but also told her the walking was good for her and that I was glad she’s getting in some physical activity.  I changed the subject abruptly because that’s when I thought of it and with a brain injury the moment I think of something that thought gets blurted out, right or wrong, “When do you want me to pick you up?”

She said the tenth of August right away before I had even got the other date typed, the seventeenth.  Well she was given the choice and I am glad she chose the earlier one because I miss her mightily and am so excited to be with her again.

Though we drove to New York via the fast interstate I 80, we will be returning on a non-rushed highway and take-in the many small town flavors on our way home.

A day at, Playland
A day at, Playland

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