The Rodeo Mask…

English: Barack Obama speaking at a rally at t...
Barack Obama speaking at a rally at the University of Minnesota Field House in Minneapolis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Why So Defensive?

There is a long history of mocking politicians at rodeos, and clowns have donned masks of other presidents as part of their acts.  Richard Nixon comes to mind, though, he only wiretapped an office building whereas the current Pres has tapped into the entire country.  But that is okay.

I feel, and I understand my opinions are mine alone; but this President has stacked the race divisions between black and white high and has the country on a pre – 1963 course.Except that now, he has made being white uncool.  In five years he has created a more tense society. A culture, if you will, not seen since the Civil Rights Amendment, which was sorely needed. 

The Libya four were killed during his watch but he seemed more eager not to offend the Muslim

English: President Barack Obama and sec. of St...
 President Barack Obama and sec. of State Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

brothers than to get the facts about what happened and after all, “At this point, what difference does it make,” so said, Hillary. The majority thinks that is okay.

And so it goes…it is the middle age white male it would seem, who is to blame for all of society’s ills.  The freewheeling government never seems to have a concern as they spend tax dollars on lavish parties. Well that’s what happens when a guy gets elected but has spent his entire life in school or as a community organizer.  He has no idea of a dollar’s worth or value because he never had to earn a paycheck.

The news media has blown a joke way out of proportion because of their hypersensitivity to a possible slight against the country’s first black president.  But I contend that if something is wrong…it is wrong period and the wrong needs to be righted.

The uproar over this inane, harmless donning of a Barack Obama mask is not only inane but also insane!I would like to know where the reporters were when echoes could be heard down school hallways of our youth being brainwashed – Barack Obama – Umm – umm – ummmm…  The majority also thought that was okay because he was elected again.

Don’t forget the IRS and NSA scandals, phony too?  Well, when we no longer have the right to defend ourselves against an overbearing government and yet that government can have notes on each one of us, would that not be something to worry about?

The current administration has become adept at defending their wrongdoings and turning everything around to make it seem as though they had been innocent of all.  The uninformed voters believe it to be, and so it goes…

I was complaining about the President and his administration to Dad when my wise father told me, “Don’t you think each President does what he thinks is best for the country?”

When I replied, “Well maybe,” (as I wondered to myself, was Obama even born here) he said, “These things have all been done or tried before by different Presidents, don’t you know that?”

Well I did know that, but the differences have never been so absolute and I guess it scares me because I have noted other fallen governments and what has happened with them…we are on the same path. And why does it seem that when someone commits an act against Obama that individual resigns and is never heard from again?  “Phony Scandal Updates” was not found on the news stories provided, so I copied and pasted the article I found, enjoy.

Saturday, August 17th, 2013 at 6:54 am

Obama News, More ‘Phony Scandal’ Updates

By Andrew Zarowny

Even while on vacation at Marthas Vineyard, Barack Hussein Obama news keeps chugging along with more Obama scandal updates. This week we learned that the real reason behind the Benghazi-Gate attack may have been the acquisition of some 400 surface-to-air missiles, not some silly You-Tube video. Im sure Hillary Clinton doesnt think it matters anymore, but it does. On the IRS-Tea Party scandal, it turns out that the IRS is still targeting Tea Party and Conservatives groups, even after being told that the practice ended earlier this year. But the latest update concerns the NSA domestic spying scandal. Documents from Edward Snowden were published by the Washington Post show that just in 2012, there were some 2,776 violations of privacy of American citizens. That an error in tracking phone numbers with a 20 international calling number somehow became a 202 area code, which covers the Washington DC phone service. Oops!

The Obama administration has become so ripe with scandal that covering them on a daily basis would be a full-time job. Bad enough that he continues to usurp the Constitution with his latest proposal to levy a tax on cell phone customers to pay for Internet access for poor school children without any legislation from Congress. The Justice Department announced earlier this week that they will be choosing not to enforce existing laws on some illegal drug use and possession. One has to wonder why Obama has a beef with the generals in Egypt whom he accuses of not obeying their laws and constitution while he does the same thing here? Maybe hes concerned that a coup or general rebellion is not far off?

Of course, the biggest Barack Obama scandal may still be the Affordable Care Act, or Obama-Care, as even he calls it now. This train wreck continues to roll down the track to destroy our healthcare industry. A new survey even shows that less than 3% of federal workers are in favor of it. Harry Reid admits that Obamas plan is to use the ACA as a stepping stone to a single-payer system. Thank you, again, you Low Information Voters, for re-electing Obama. The welfare-class has voted like pulling the arm of a slot machine, and has come up with a set of lemons, one being Barack Obama! And people wonder why a rodeo clown wore an Obama mask.

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