If I Had a Son…If I Had a Father


Who is the Biggest Race Baiter?

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...
Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We already know Barack Hussein Obama is a race baiter for his remarks about his son, uh I apologize, Trayvon is not Obama’s son.  However, the president said…  “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

 In saying that, he essentially gave permission for all to identify themselves by race with the victim or the accused. That was a ridiculous comment the President made and so far from MLK’s teachings.

 See it would seem the President was judging on the skin color and not by the content of one’s character, and that is the opposite of what King articulated in his, I had a dream, speech.

 But hey, if anyone is upset about it just come over and we’ll sit outside and have a beer, maybe even two.  Oh sure, y’all can’t miss it because it is the only white house on the block.  But if you do miss the place, the address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

 Well Mr. President’s views and mine are different on most, I must correct that statement because I can’t think of one thing that we agree on.  Unless you include honoring the 1972 Dolphins, though, I am sure that was done for political gain.  He never seems to miss a photo-op. I feel however; that he has set the ideals and ideas of the, “I had a dream” speech back to pre-1963 levels. One of Obama’s duties is to unify America, but he has deliberately turned the tables on white America and how far he will take us down that road and how deep the unwarranted guilt is anybody’s guess.

Now how about, Kathleen Parker’s, remarks?  I had never heard of her until today and for that reason alone I believe BHO’s

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist.
Pulitzer Prize winning journalist.

comments more inappropriate.  Most know the President, but who knows of Kathleen Parker, relatively speaking?

Herewith her comments:  “If I had a son, he would look like Christopher Lane,” the 22-year-old Australian baseball player shot dead while jogging in Oklahoma, “And if I had a father, he’d look like Delbert Belton,”
the 88-year-old World War II veteran beaten to death in Spokane, Wash.

Obviously the president’s comments upset her, just as surely as those comments were meant to get the ire of all
Caucasians riled.  BHO seems adept at causing derision between the races and after all, isn’t that to a certain extent what a community organizer does? Barack Obama touts his community organizing activities from the mid eighties as a qualifier for the presidency.

 Sarah Palin had it right when at the Republican National Convention oh so many years ago, and after so much jarring from the Democrats about only being a mayor said this, “I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a community

organizer,” Palin said, “except that you have actual responsibilities.” Great line!

English: Sarah Palin addressing the 2008 Repub...
English: Sarah Palin addressing the 2008 Republican National Convention in Saint Paul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


 Perhaps the simplest way to describe community organizing is to say it is the practice of identifying a specific aggrieved population, say unemployed steelworkers, or itinerant fruit-pickers, or residents of a particularly bad neighborhood, and agitating them until they become so upset about their condition that they take collective action to put pressure on local, state, or federal officials to fix the problem, often by giving the affected group money. Organizers like to call that “direct action.”

Community organizing is most identified with the left-wing Chicago activist Saul Alinsky (1909-72), who pretty much defined the profession. In his classic book, Rules for Radicals, Alinsky wrote that a successful organizer should be “an abrasive agent to rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; to fan latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expressions.” Once such hostilities were “whipped up to a fighting pitch,” Alinsky continued, the organizer steered his group toward confrontation, in the form of picketing, demonstrating, and general hell-raising. At first, the organizer tackled small stuff, like demanding the repair of streetlights in a city park; later, when the group gained confidence, the organizer could take on bigger targets. But always, the organizer’s goal was not to lead his people anywhere, but to encourage them to take action on their own behalf.

 Don’t you see, Barack Obama, community agitator is whipping up more hatred and division and most of his tactics were learned from Saul Alinsky.  Saul was one of many mentors to fill his head as a young man.  I have known many like Barack through the
years, you know the kind, cool and calm, confident that they know or can get the answer to whatever question you may have and basically a big-shot know it all!

 BHO is once again dividing the nation by color, not content as MLK envisioned.  We do know this much for certain: Had the races been reversed, the usual suspects would have had much to say. White teens beat up an elderly black veteran and leave him for dead? White teens shoot a talented black athlete visiting from another country?  Riots, you can be sure.

 He is singlehandedly bringing America to its knees to the point where he apologizes to countries around the world and bows to kings. No country anywhere fears or respects the U.S.A. any longer because it is clear that Obama’s word means nothing. He draws meaningless red lines in the Syrian sand.  He makes excuses when that line is crossed, and so it goes…

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