We Have To Pass the Bill, To See What’s In It!

The Affordable Care Act (ACA – ObamaCare). 

Logic and common sense seem to have left the majority of Americans.  I honestly do not understand how the ACA could even make its way to the Supreme Court, much less be upheld as constitutional.  A law to force you to buy health insurance?  And that’s constitutional?  But that is the way things are now…no sense required.

Yes, and we have to take the unwanted and expensive healthcare.
Yes, and we have to take the unwanted and expensive healthcare.

And Obama says, Uhh that’s the way to get things done in America.  I mean, look, if we Democrats want to pass anything it is a sure bet the Republicans will try to block the move, however; I’m the President so I can veto or override anything they try to put down.  The people are being led to the slaughter and they can’t see it!  Little freebies we toss to them once in a while blind them.  They don’t understand or even question anything that we do.

We will get all the laws changed and the constitution won’t matter anymore, look, it barely matters now!  It is so simple to turn this country into Obamaland because we have won over the uninformed voters.  Like with ObamaCare, we just had to add so much mumbo-jumbo that no-one would want to actually read it because if they did, well you know.

The disappointing congress.
The disappointing congress.

Uhh, and the Republican congress will pass it so they can go on vacation, they are so easy!  If there aren’t enough voters on our side, we will get the social security numbers from some of the dead, don’t worry, we will have enough voters.  Maybe the votes will not be gotten legally, but what the heck, nobody will know and besides the people want the government to ruin (uhh, I meant government to run) their lives.  The middle class believes we are helping them and they don’t even realize, or care that our extravagant vacations are paid for by their tax dollars…remember when Michelle and the girls took that vacation in Spain?

First lady Michelle Obama‘s trip to Spain in August 2010 cost the U.S. Air Force and the Secret Service at least $467,585, Judicial Watch reported based on documents provided by the government under the Freedom of Information Act. Even though the Obamas picked up some of the immediate costs, the government, which determines how much protection the first lady needs, spent a considerable sum on the trip, according to the conservative watchdog’s report. The total cost of the flights was about $199,300, and the Secret Service spent about $254,500 on the vacation.

 The White House has said that the Obamas paid their own way for the Spain trip, during which the first lady, along with daughter Sasha, traveled around the country and visited with the royal family.

The uninformed have bought into everything I say or do; the whites out of guilt.  The blacks, mainly because I’m black.

Holder, refusing to answer questions.
Holder, refusing to answer questions.

Then Eric Holder chortles, but you are half white too, ha-ha.

Obama – hahaha, and continues, the Hispanics love us because we tried giving firearms to their criminals and we have thrown out all security regarding the aliens.  Everybody is now welcome to these 57 states (uhh, close enough) – legal, illegal, criminal or free man…it just doesn’t matter. Look – they eat that stuff up like candy and will forever be on our side, as will the gays and lesbians.  And all we had to do was let them marry one another and get the same benefits as hetero couples.

Look, I’ve gone on too long about all of this and certain people are getting information about ObamaCare and displaying it free to the unknowing public – stuff like this:


 THIS IS THE 2ND OFFICIAL WHO HAS OUTLINED THESE PARTS OF THE CARE BILL.  Judge Kithil of  Marble Falls,  TX –  highlighted the most egregious pages of HB3200

Please read this…….. especially the reference to pages 58 & 59


** Page 50/section 152:

The bill will provide insurance to all non-U.S. residents, even if they are here illegally.

** Page 58 and 59:

The government will have real-time access to an individual’s bank account and will have the authority to make electronic fund transfers from those accounts.

** Page 65/section 164:

The plan will be subsidized (by the government) for all union members, union retirees and for community organizations (such as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now – ACORN).

** Page 203/line 14-15:

The tax imposed under this section will not be treated as a tax.  (How could anybody in their right mind come up with that?)

** Page 241 and 253:

Doctors will all be paid the same regardless of specialty, and the government will set all doctors’ fees.

** Page 272. section 1145:

Cancer hospital will ration care according to the patient’s age.

** Page 317 and 321:

The government will impose a prohibition on hospital expansion; however, communities may petition for an exception.

** Page 425, line 4-12:

The government mandates advance-care planning consultations.  Those on Social Security will be required to attend an “end-of-life planning” seminar every five years. (Death counseling..)

** Page 429,  line 13-25:

The government will specify which doctors can write an end-of-life order.


But, Judge Kithil then goes on to say:

“Finally, it is specifically stated that this bill will not apply to members of Congress.  Members of Congress are already exempt from the Social Security system, and have a well-funded private plan that covers their retirement needs. If they were on our Social Security plan, I believe they would find a very quick ‘fix’ to make the plan financially sound for their future.”

 signed   –    Honorable David Kithil of Marble Falls,  Texas

All of the above should give you the ammo you need to support your opposition to Obamacare.

Hmmmm…You could possibly send this information on to all of your email contacts.


English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Prot...
English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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