When Will It Be too late?

Distrust of Obama

 Well what in the world has taken you so long?  Was it because of all the good he has done for America?  No, that couldn’t
be it.

English: Location of Benghazi within Libya.
English: Location of Benghazi within Libya. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe it was for the way he protected Americans?  No, that couldn’t be it either.  Look at Benghazi – 56 percent of voters believe Obama did not try to rescue the doomed garrison in Benghazi, Libya because he didn’t want to risk his re-election.

I know it has taken so long to distrust the man because of all the good he promised. Now it is clear and obvious that those were all empty were only full of —-.  And the liberals hang on, though, in smaller numbers than before.

So what good has he done?  He deepened the hatred for America from other countries around the world, even more, than George W. had done.  At least the U.S. still retained a modicum of dignity in the years immediately preceding Obama. Our dollars were still worth
something, in fact, the dollar was the highest in American history against the Philippine peso under George Bush.


But the downward slide continues and it worsens in all areas.  We distrust him, maybe

The seal of the U.S. National Security Agency....

because of the mistrust of us, American citizens.  The American people are being spied upon, lied to and divided.  62 percent agree that Obama’s NSA phone surveillance forms “an unacceptable and alarming invasion of privacy rights.”

Seal of the United States Department of Justice

Obama makes claims of, “For security reasons we must do these things.” Yeah like, all the secret surveillance issues that his justice department has put in place.   63 percent believe that Obama’s Justice Department seized reporter’s records for political reasons, compared to 29 percent who take the administration’s national security argument to be true.

There is just so much that the average person does not have time to read about or filter through. The transparency of this administration has not been.

The founders were such a principled bunch of guys who had enormous amounts of integrity.  

The original right-wing radicals.
The original right-wing radicals.

  They knew that what they fought for in the revolution would probably happen again and so they put safeguards in that letter of democracy like: 2nd Amendment Rights.  That right wasn’t included so Joe Shmoe could go hunting; the right to bear arms was put in there to protect you from the tyranny of the government.  When the citizenry is without guns, the government is free to do whatever they please.                            

Woe are the kid's future.
Woe the future.

They had a union way back then that worked for the king and those guys could enter your home, take what they wanted and destroy the rest.  In 2007 I began to see how history was repeating itself only now the despot is in America.  Obama’s beginnings were no different from, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin’s they all rose out of a dysfunctional society and were looked upon as saviors. Everything these tyrants did was looked upon as remarkable and their respective citizenry heaped praise upon them.  But then, the tide began turning against them as the people saw they could not fix the ills and in fact made them worse.

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