No Boots On the Ground…Again

English: States parties to the Chemical Weapon...
English: States parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention. Parties of the Chemical weapons Convention Parties which have declared chemical weapon stockpiles and/or have known chemical weapon facilities (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dems Say Intervening Is Cool…Now That Obama Wants It

Many democrats think since Obama said that we need to stop the chemical weapon use in Syria, a limited attack is fine. “No boots
on the ground, this will be a preemptive strike only; this will not be another, Iraq.” No he’s right, it will be a new conflict in Syria. And
the truth is this; the President does not know what will or could happen if we go in there. The Mideast has been a bed of snakes. They always war between themselves and have done so for hundreds of years despite interventions by various countries.

Where was Obama when over a 100,000 innocents were killed with guns; months ago he declined to do something about it. But now that 1000 to
1500 people have been killed with chemical weapons the Dem’s have all of a sudden gotten a conscience.  John Kerry says, “Let me be clear, the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders, by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity.”

But if you want to shoot, rape and maim the women, children and bystanders, well that is okay and we will not interfere. In effect what he would be doing is siding with Al-Qaeda and most Americans would deplore that action as well as if he sides with Assad.

Obama needs to stay out of this there would be no way to win and though when dealing with human life one cannot be concerned with winning, only with the saving of people.  His golden opportunity came and went months ago. Now it would be too little too late. The U.S. cannot afford another conflict, too many lives would be at stake.  He needs to keep out of this one.  One more reason for him to stay neutral is because as usual in the Mideast, Israel will become an increasingly easy target!

Barack, who had in the past, been so reliant on the United Nations to make a decision for him is not paying heed this time around.  Maybe because of Russian President Putin’s words, “I want to draw your attention to one absolutely fundamental fact,” Putin said in an interview with
the Associated Press and the Russian state television network Channel One. “In accordance with applicable international law, the authorization
of the use of force against a sovereign state can only be given by the Security Council of the United Nations,”
he said. “Any other reasons, or
methods, to justify the use of force against an independent and sovereign state are unacceptable and cannot be qualified as anything
other than aggression.”
  And so it goes…

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