Islam Like a Cancer, Grows

English: Map of Zamboanga del Sur showing the ...
English: Map of Zamboanga del Sur showing the location of Margosatubig (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


MILF Attack Zamboanga City


The Moro Islamic Liberation Front yesterday, paralyzed Zamboanga City in the Philippines.  Dozens of armed followers of that organization chaired by Nur Misuari battled government troops in conflict with them.  They grabbed innocent villagers (30) as hostage and some were used as human shields.  The MILF tried but failed to make city hall their own, raising the MNLF (MILF faction) flag and declaring their independence.


If you ask me, that group is independent already because another obviously did not control them, unless of course, you include their Allah.  They forced the airport to shut down, businesses, and schools and the only thing they need to be freed from is their – killer mentality – religion.  Six people were left dead, and many were wounded – scores of people the reports said. 

As my ex so explicit and angrily said, “This is not what they should be doing to take over things.  They are harming and killing women and children – it’s not right!”  Not to mention the many innocent men.

My ex-wife is from that area.  Paz is from the small coastal town of Margosatubig in the province of Zamboanga del Sur and though she is now residing in New York, much of her family remains in the Philippines.  That includes her dad who happens to be in Zamboanga City now!  This is a trying time for Paz and her sister, Cecille, who also lives in New York.   

Some members of the MNLF have decided to stay in their communities instead of joining forces with the MILF Moro Islamic Liberation Front, which is an offshoot of parent organization – MNLF, in the Zamboanga City Siege.  

I’ve read in a Pilipino publication that most of the MILF guerillas came in boats from Indonesia.  The Philippines are a mostly peaceful, Christian country with factions of Islam mainly in the small islands to the Southwest of Mindanao and Southern Mindanao, with heaviest concentration in Zamboanga City.  

Occasionally the Muslims there act up and kill or torture people, but as it is done in Allah’s name, the consequences have not been so severe.

I am surprised that Obama hasn’t drawn a red line so the MILF could cross it and thereby gain weapons and supplies for themselves.  Because as his record shows, he is firmly entrenched with the Muslims or rebels of any cause.  I mean that’s what he’s done with every Muslim; Christian divided country since Libya and Egypt.  Barack baby always sides with the Muslims on seemingly every issue so why wouldn’t he keep his apparent vow against Christians here as well? 

Woe are the kid's future.
Woe are the kid’s future.


The chaos in the world today is mainly because of Obama and his “Lead from behind ideology.”  The guy had not, does not, nor will he take a stand on anything, lest he slips a bit in the polls. He must keep his cool, teflon (just like teflon Don, John Gotti, sneaky, calculating and underhanded words and thoughts seem to slide off him) and late night television appearances on David Letterman,  Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon along with his daytime cameos on the, “View”.

He does not ask other nations to go with him against certain regimes; instead, he asks if they will back him?  What kind of leader is it that wilts with any decision-making and goes to others so the outcome will not be his fault? 

Just like this Syrian mess he has entangled America in.  I suggest to you that it would be totally and completely wrong to go to war because the red line had been crossed, that BHO marked in the  over a comment that he made.  He would through America into more turmoil just to show that he means what he says (sarcasm) because he never stands by what he says!  Look at his record and do so with an open mind not a leftist view.

 Islam is spreading in every country, much like a cancer takes over a body.

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