“Well, There You Go Again”

One of the Great Presidents!
One of the Great Presidents!

Do you remember that line from one of Reagan‘s debates ?  The point is, Obama is making giant threats again but will not back them up!  He has the U.S. looking like total buffoons or bumbling clowns.  He made the remark about “crossing the red line” but absolutely does not stand by his idle threats.

Vladimer making a point!
Vladimir making a point!

He has allowed Putin a foothold with more to grasp coming, and Putin has told the world that John Kerry is a liar.  The hell of it is – Putin was right!

Congressional portrait with U.S. flag in the b...
Congressional portrait with U.S. flag in the background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)is – Putin was right! 

And where was Obama when over 100,000 Syrians were killed by conventional weapons, women and children maimed,  tortured and killed?  Where was Mr. Justice for the underdog?  But this is so wonderful everybody loves one another, nobody ever gets their feelings hurt; I really love this game of one world, isn’t it peaceful?  BHO is playing a game, but Putin and other despots are not playing a game…they are playing for keeps.

Now he claims that 1400 were gassed,  but he does not have evidence and Obummer is so offended?  Does this mean that it is okay to kill people as long as the killing is done with knives, guns, semi and automatic guns and rifles, bombs, street bombs, fires etc., etc., etc.  Granted it was a civil war then, but isn’t it still a civil war?  Since his presidency, America has lost every skirmish we’ve been in and we have lost what little respect we had left after the previous administration.

I think Obummer has fulfilled the “Hope and Change” slogan of his first election. With the change of America’s strongest military might in theorld, to that of the sniffling little kid on the world stage Obummer can now hope that one of those little countries does not nuke us with a huge nuclear bomb.  Hope and change.  He has approved of guys marrying guys and women marrying women. We could have a self-sustaining energy plan in effect in five years, but he will not drill on public land.  Remember the EPA, maybe a wolf, coyote, bird or butterfly will go extinct.

He gave the country, Eric Holder, remember, “Fast and Furious?”  Oh that’s right, I cannot get to those  interviews or videos any longer (mustn’t be shown in a bad light!).  Holder’s was taken out of lying to the judicial committee back in May.

Holder, refusing to answer questions on Fast & Furious
Holder, refusing to answer questions on Fast & Furious

The Occupy Wall Street was another movement that had his backing for a while.  Take money from those who worked for it and disperse evenly to those who just wait for the welfare check or food stamps, oh yeah, Obummer has more people accessing this generosity, since its inception. Funny…or maybe scary, any blunder that Obummer or Holder make is no longer accessible on the Internet, humph incredible.  What about the sneaky NSA?  What about Benghazi? What about ACORN, bailouts, abortion?  What about the first ever credit rating downgrade? What of the debt ceiling and debt limit? 

English: Photos from October 6, Day 21 of Occu...
English: Photos from October 6, Day 21 of Occupy Wall Street. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security continues to keep Wall Street barricaded to the public. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yet this president wants every kid (and I’m not so certain he doesn’t just mean certain kids who will think like him?)  Does he naively think every kid needs college and rack up

mountains of debt just to have a degree of some sort?  This country still needs people who care.  We need builders, construction workers, factory workers, laborers, nurses, child care providers (though now there are college degrees or certificates for that as well and he has the unions seeping into every field of American business because they need to be paid off for their contributions to his campaign.  Reminds me of years ago when the mob controlled many cities like Chicago.  The business owner needed to pay insurance to the mob enforcers so they could work.  Well now legal unions have taken the place of the mobs.  You still have to pay, but now it is to a legal union instead of a crooked enforcer…is there really any difference?  I mean you are still paying to work.  And gun control – who does the fool think he is fooling, apparently every lib in the land.  He wants to take everybody’s gun so that the government will be the only one to have them, and then, they can take your house, your wife, your children how are you to protest? 

Cantor and other House and Senate leaders meet...
Cantor and other House and Senate leaders meeting with President Barack Obama in November 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Healthcare-ObamaCare is the most ridiculous plan and will be so expensive that…well I heard today that Eric Cantor voted to repeal Obamacare but not to de-fund it, what a bozo!

This administration reminds me so much of what I’d read of other world despots, the similarities are scary.  This joker and the comedians in his cabinet upset me too much so I will end here; thanks for allowing me to vent a little.  But really, isn’t it evident how he has done nothing to help our standing in the world, but instead continually tears us down…get rid of the parasite if it harms you!

Please post your comments, thank you.

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