Michelle Says…

Michelle Obama Says

 Thank you so much, Michelle, for this vital information because I’m sure some of your fellow libs didn’t know this.  My daughter,

Michelle Obama on, Drink Up campaign.
Michelle Obama on, Drink Up, campaign.

from infancy to her present age of ten, has never had a soda because she just does not like the taste (I raised her to drink natural juices and water) and I think plenty of parents teach their children the same way.  Do people really care what you say?

Many, myself included; were put-off by what you did to the student lunches.  Many kids quit the program entirely and are taking a cold lunch to school.  What’s really eating you?  Do you feel like you must make a contribution of some sort because your husband has contributed, nothing?

I would hardly call your eating desires new or even noteworthy.  You seem to think that each idea comes from you and it doesn’t.  I’ll bet your mom even had to use some trickery to get you to eat vegetables when you were a kid.  Your eating cues for the United States of America do not need a full-page write-up because the ideas are ancient, we’ve all heard them before, “Eat more vegetables, less red meat, more fish etc., etc.,” and the libs along with the media praise you for your comments.  I am really tired of hearing that stuff!

You know, you should be in perfect shape.  You have some of the best chefs in the world preparing your food; they can even make the most repulsive-looking and tasting veggies melt-in-your-mouth.  And you are served those great dishes every day so why do you have a problem with your weight?  And it’s obvious that you do because your physique is not a slender one.  Tell me if I’m wrong but I’m sure you also have access to a daily trainer.  Surely you do not eat as you preach and there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying your food so why not allow the children to enjoy theirs?

So proud of herself for introducing water to America.
So proud of herself for introducing water to America.

But overall, the experts agree that there isn’t much benefit to drinking more H20 if you’re already hydrated. “I don’t think there’s any good evidence that will produce much in the way of health,” Goldfarb said.

AP’s Scott Bauer tweets: Watertown Mayor John David says, “Michelle Obama is going there to promote drinking water because city has word “water” in its name.”

Thanks too, for turning so many kids from school lunches and thank your husband…you know the other first lady for making America look like buffoons on the world stage. For the first time in my life I am embarrassed to be an American and must tread softly with what I say and write because our “Freedom of Speech” is fading Fast and Furious, do you recall that on purpose blunder?  “Freedom of speech” we can kiss that one goodbye.

He has the IRS checking people of a certain political persuasion, looked into. He has the NSA tracking Internet and listening to phone conversations. The man makes threats to other nations about crossing a red line, but when that line is crossed he does nothing.  The premier of Russia, Vladimir Putin, tells him off. He defends the killing of Muslims from another country but has not moved on the killing of four Americans at Benghazi, Libya. He has been involved in seemingly every Muslim skirmish since his election in 2008, and kind of funny, how he has always been on the losing side.  Well not really funny because it endangers the American people.

For the first time in American history our credit rating was downgraded in part because of his lavish spending and gluttonous vacations and paying millions and billions of dollars for unneeded things.  He acts as if printing more money is the answer…well all that does is flood the market and cheapen the dollar.

We are a Christian country and it would be nice to have a Christian president, ahh, there is no end, sorry.  And can we, who make up these United

Woe are the kid's future.
Woe is the future of our children .

States of America, be certain that he will relinquish his power in another three years?  I don’t think so with the way that silly congress is acting. There seems to be a sinister shakedown taking place the way staunch conservatives kowtow to Obama’s wishes.   

It’s unconscionable to be asking seniors, people with disabilities and veterans to be squeezed of every last penny and it will be interesting to see if our benefits are not given a cost of living increase again this year.  It would seem those increases are offered only during Obama’s election years (buying votes). He has been the worst president ever for social security disability benefits and yet I am confident that the majority of the those disabled voted for him twice and would do so again because he is of the Democratic Party.  I have dealt with the Dems before (it concerned visas, the Philippines and Hong Kong.  Those congressmen and senators gave reassurances that all would be taken care of.  But then just like my Dad said, “Wait until the election’s over – you’ll never hear from them again,” sorry to say –  Dad was right!

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