I’m an Artist, Man…

North Commons Park, Spring Art Party, Minneapo...
North Commons Park, Spring Art Party, Minneapolis, Minnesota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I am a sensitive artist
I am a sensitive artist (Photo credit: kevin dooley)

A Governor and Mayor…

Patterned from Obama  

Well that’s it!  America has evolved or I should say devolved from a “Can do nation,” to one of dependence and “I need help man.”  The thing is, these do nothings act as if everything is owed to them because of their want to express themselves.  They have an abundance of feeling to be shared with all.

Do I have this correct? The City of Minneapolis, is getting into home building?  Why not spur the economy by allowing private home builders to build?  And the city will be building them at a cost of $220,000 and selling them for about $175,000.  This, like so many government-run fiascos will only serve to raise everybody’s taxes more.  Look what the over-surplus of government has cost so far since 2008 and taxes keep rising, and the tax-payer continues paying more and more and going deeper and deeper into debt. I heard on the radio this morning that the homes were being built for the artists?

A new norm in America seems to be one of, “Hey I should have that, man.” And so, the government finds a way to make it easy for them, to take care of and coddle them from cradle to grave.  I do not understand how a home that will cost over $200,000 to build can be sold for thousands less without taxes skyrocketing…explain that to me, please?

I do not begrudge anybody wanting to be an artist, but neither do I want tax-payers to foot the bill. I mean if you are going to be an artist pay your own way by having a regular job to see you through dark times.  You can draw, paint, play music or write during your off time, support yourself.  Maybe you will do those things to sell your work – great!  But if by doing so would infringe on your need for freedom of expression well you’d better reserve yourself to being a starving artist! 

I’m just saying not to expect things be given to your every little whimsy.  If you want to be an artist, by all means do so, but do not expect others to pave the way for your whimsicality. 

English: Barack Obama shakes hands with suppor...
English: Barack Obama shakes hands with supporters at a rally in Minneapolis on Feb. 2, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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