Communism Ruled

Turn Out the Lights, the Party’s Over…

This was my response to an e-mail I received earlier and after rereading it aloud, I couldn’t believe that this is how low America has sunk.  This America, I do not know…SCAN5I am doing fine and thanks for asking.   All is well with me, but Obama or Obummer as I like to call him, is destroying America from within.  He has things so screwed up and now not only is he monitoring the U.S. citizens phone-calls and e-mails but he has expanded the, “National Security Administration’s” reach to include spying on other countries ie; Germany.  He has told lie upon lie about the healthcare that he has mandated everybody purchase or pay a fine and the longer you do not pay, the higher the fine.  This is the first time in my 59 years that I no longer feel free and the restrictions are getting tighter all the time.  The uninformed voters elected him to office the first time but when he was reelected, I feel that it was only because of his knowledge of manipulating the vote outcome. I mean when certain counties voted 100% for him, not a single vote went to his challenger, that told me that something was terribly wrong.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
Barack Obama and Michelle Obama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am currently saving a little money so that I will be able to get my daughter and I out of here when the time is right and


before he closes all banks.  I’ve never been put in this sorry state before, but have read about regimes that began this way.  Yes you must pay for your health insurance and and the government decides which plan is best for you?  That is what Obummer is doing to us.  He ran on a platform of, “If you like your doctor you can keep him, and if you like your current healthcare plan you can keep it.” 

Yesterday he spoke saying that, “People say they have to pay more for this plan, well sure, but that is only because the plan they had didn’t include many things, like maternity care. Your old plan was a bad apple,” truth is, Obummer is the bad fruit making his entire administration stink!  Everybody has to pay for maternity care even if you are a single guy!!  I am only being true, this tyrant scares me, for nobody will come to America’s aid because we are touted as the land of the free. 

Sorry for my ranting this morning.  And so please tell me how things are with you?  Will you be going to your dad’s this weekend?  I just left my dad (85) at his restaurant we had a cup o’ coffee together. 

You know I lived in the Philippines for 5 years and they also celebrate, “All Saints Day” on the 1st of November.  Many hold picnics at the cemeteries and spend the night so the 2 countries are the same in that respect.  I’d never heard of that until I lived there.  America has, “Memorial Day” at the end of May every year in which the cemeteries are jammed with people bringing flowers and cleaning the gravesides and surrounding areas.

Well on a lighter note, Stephanie is all excited and brought her costume to school with her today.  This evening she will be going out with a friend whom she hasn’t seen in a while.  I’ll send a couple of pics; she will be trick or treating dressed as Cleopatra.

Cleopatra, really.
Cleopatra, really.

Always be safe.

Your friend,


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