We’re Not Smart Enough…

Why must we be forced to pay?

The answer to that is as simple as it is humiliating and demeaning to the public – because we are not capable of making the right decision, in other words, we are not smart enough!  During a recent interview on Fox News with Chris Wallace,  Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the brother of former Obama Chief of Staff and now Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel kept me glued to the program. 

English: President Barack Obama's signature on...
English: President Barack Obama’s signature on the health insurance reform bill at the White House, March 23, 2010. The President signed the bill with 22 different pens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr. Emanuel made it clear why millions of Americans have received notices negating their private healthcare plans.  He, Emanuel, does not believe the American citizen is capable of making the best decision on his/her personal healthcare.  That should not surprise anybody because Obama in all of his infinite wisdom has promoted the idea that he and the government employees working for him are way more intelligent than the average Joe or Jody.  Maybe it is the fault of some halfway illiterate teachers being forced upon us because of their longevity and not because of their knowledge.  Whatever the reason for our ignorance, neither does the government think that we are able to make a good choice. So, the king decreed that everybody in his kingdom must take ACA ObamaCare or be taxed for breaking the law.

President Barack Obama addresses the House Dem...
President Barack Obama addresses the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you now see how threatening the situation is in America?  The United States Government headed by Barack Hussein Obama ( I prefer the initials, B.O. because something stinks in America) and he is our president, or king dictating what he will do for us, or what we must do. This ordeal smells of something learned in psychology 101 – behavior modification – and the penalty for not doing what you are told are more taxes.  

How long will we put up with the administration intruding on our lives and forcing, things not wanted, down our throats?  ObamaCare was passed with non-standard ways in the Democrat controlled House and Senate.  After the law had been passed the Obama Administration changed its contents (illegal) to the grandfather clause, saying that any change to the plan would negate the clause.  Hence the abandonment of millions of policies. 

Ezekiel Emanuel dismissed that abominable alteration of the law as “reasonable” and compared the alteration to changing a plank on a ship.  It is time to band together as, one nation under God to put an end to the slow, but steady crawl of tyranny in our once blessed and proud nation!

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Steve Richie

Hi folks, Two lives in one lifetime. The first me, lived to age thirty-four. That Steve was overly confident and oozing with pride. Then, on a record heat-setting day (107º) here in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota and western Wisconsin, a one car near-fatal wreck left me in a two-month long coma. I emerged much as I was before minus certain physical capabilities, but my mind seemed mostly in tact. The crash and its effects did not change me (I emerged a happy individual) but the deeds perpetrated against me in the ensuing months from my wife of sixteen years scared and humbled me as I was dragged down with nothing left by my wife who now had guardianship over all of our accounts. And neither would she allow me to see our kids. She took everything out of, "Our" names and changed them to her name only; then would not allow me to our home and divorced me. I was angry, but no more. I spent half of 1988 and more than half of 1989 in hospitals, nursing homes and a three month stint at a head-injury rehab center where I was being taught how to re-enter society as this different person, that I didn't know. I was not able to return to my previous line of work, a self-employed decorator, you know, painting and paperhanging. It was a physical job which required much dexterity, finesse, and a good grasp of numbers. I returned to the beginning, school, but on a community college level. One of the instructor's liked my writing and I began focusing my attention on that. I attended classes at, "The Loft," A Place for Writers in Minneapolis. While there, a classmate of mine was having her friend from New York, a CBS executive, to her home for the holidays and asked me if she could do a critique on a couple chapters of a book I was writing, "A Day I'll Never Remember" and I obliged. When she returned to class the following Monday she told me that the exec wanted a ten-page synopsis of the book for a possible movie; I was excited. After obliging for that also, I never saw or heard from her or the guy from CBS. Next thing I knew I was watching a movie called, "Regarding Henry" starring Harrison Ford and the scenes of therapy were exactly like what I went through and had written about. Regarding Henry - could've been my story except that, "Henry" got his head injury from a gunshot and his wife stayed with him throughout the ordeal. Coincidence I'm sure, though, the therapy scenes entailed what I described in the book so I always wondered..... My hope, my dream is to bolster our income for my daughter and for myself. I am and have been raising this beautiful, talented little girl who was diagnosed with autism at age two, since 2006 singlehandedly. I divorced her mother the same year following complaints that I spent too much time with our daughter. However, Stephanie began school with no need for special education. She has been reading since age four and understanding what she'd read. Stephanie maintains straight "A's" on her report card, has published two books (through school) and has been selected as an, "Honors" student for seventh grade English. My ex moved to New York to be closer to her sister and has been remarried now for a number of years. Well, that's only a snippet of my sixty-one years and I would like to thank you for reading, thank you.

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