More Health Care Nightmares

I am healthy, but disabled
I am healthy, but disabled

This is written by a permanently disabled person (severe traumatic brain injury) whose only income is social security disability income of less than the average of $1100 per month.  I was a skilled decorator until my nearly fatal car accident.  Since April 9, 2003 I have raised my beautiful, intelligent daughter, who at age two was diagnosed with autism.  Stephanie and I have lived alone, without her mother since 2006.  My medical help was halted in December of 2012, but I rarely used it anyway and I still had Medicare.  Then, I canceled Medicare in December because I could not afford it; they wanted over $100 every month however, Medicare deducted $200 in January and $100 each successive month until it had been straightened out in May.  A worker at that government office decided that she knew better than I, what was needed for myself.  Then the ex-wife’s support money stopped coming in, and that kind of brings you up to date on what’s been happening.  Except that now, my daughter Stephanie’s health insurance ended as of October 31 of 2013. 

Having hearing aids fit at doctor's office
Having hearing aids fit at doctor’s office

Since I am raising Stephanie singlehandedly her healthcare being cutoff gets immediate attention.  See unlike me, that insurance is necessary for my daughter because she has to wear hearing aids.  Those aids need to be adjusted every six months or so to allow for her growth, which at this time in her life is a lot.  Well her audiologist, or any doctor for that matter, will not see her unless we have insurance.  Life sure was simple before Obama and his care and before “The Year of the Snake”!


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