Political Reasons? Of Course!

VOTE! (Photo credit: Kristin Lucco X)
English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Prot...
English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House Español: Barack Obama firmando la Ley de Protección al Paciente y Cuidado de Salud Asequible en la Casa Blanca (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Democrats really pushed for this and now they have to own it – do not give them your vote next time around! It cost 600 million so far for the ObamaCare website; that’s all taxpayer money.   Osillydick will just raise taxes more to cover the cost while he and Michelle stash away millions for themselves.  I cannot believe that there are some who like this idiot in office.  Of course I know the type of voters he got. There were many union idiots who just go to work, punch the clock and don’t do anything but take morning, lunch, and afternoon breaks they put the time in but no effort then, punch out and go to the bar, or go home or laugh all the way to the bank at how they got by with so much.  I’ve heard that talk and seen that sort of inaction during my working years.  More about the “lack of exertion” worker’s later, but now I need to tell about the other type of uninformed voter’s the president has bought with his promises.

He cemented in the votes of many immigrants who don’t understand our past or our culture.  People from Mexico legal or not!  Now tell me if that isn’t a way of buying votes.  Telling them if they are here illegally that they can stay and get U.S. citizenship.  Or like my ex who I

Map of Mexico
Map of Mexico
philippines map
Philippines map

brought here from the Philippines for a two month visit to show our newly born daughter to her grandparents (her mom refused to return, we divorced in 2006) and instead obtained her citizenship and moved to New York to be close to her sister, who is a teacher.  The ex sings praises of Obama all the time and that’s because she is uninformed and is more used to the corrupt leader’s ways.  Most immigrants from around the world vote for that silly, lying man because he represents politics from their homelands.

Back to the unions:  I first got an earful and an eyeful while working in the trades.  I will not go into detail, suffice it to say that we used to have to hide to work on a Saturday, though, union people were free to work.  So it was extortion.  If you signed up and paid your union dues you could work but if you neglected to pay their money, well you would be unable to work.  I did work for another company at one time and they were a union shop.  We worked at a new bank building and I was in the middle of staining a new door when a union employee came to tell me to stop working, “It’s ten o’clock, coffee time.” 

I replied, “As soon as I finish this door,” but he said, “You have to stop work now!”  Wow I thought to myself, how ridiculous.  I told him, “Then the door might have shadows or shading,” I completed the door.  What would they do, report me to the business agent?  I did not stay with them for long.

I had a contract with a nightclub one time and the business agent from the local painter’s union “caught us working.” It cost me $500 to work there and luckily  the job was completed prior to the monthly dues.  

They talk of how the mafia used to have enforcers in the neighborhood who had to be paid “insurance money” to keep their business’ open; are mandatory union dues any different, really?  You are still paying somebody for the right to work.  I worked for the Department of Transportation briefly; I quit because of the lackadaisical effort the state employees put into their job.

Many times the talk or the “buzz” around the office was, “Where should we vacation this year?”  Again, at taxpayer expense and to hear them discuss and be so lax about it sickened me.    Office parties were many and there was never a need to hurry on anything.  I quit because I could not adjust to their lazy ways.

Teachers’ are another field that must be laughing at people who have to bust their butts for a living.  School used to be a place to learn whether you liked it or not, you would learn.  Now, a good teacher is a rare prize to find in a public school.  Again union teachers’ do not have to know anything they only have to put their time in.  Once they are tenured in they cannot be fired no matter how bad they are, and many are bad.  I know that because my ten-year old daughter has had papers corrected by her teacher and sometimes words were misspelled.

Those people vote for Obama, illegal immigrants vote for him as do most government employees, union workers basically most of the slackers.  And now with ObamaCare most of the people who joined are Medicaid recipients so somebody else will need to pay more.  After all the worker would be paying for their own as well as for the person in need.

IPhone Obama compared to his disastrous ACA
IPhone Obama compared to his disastrous ACA

Obama compared the glitches of Apple’s iPhone  with the extremely poor website of the ACA.  However, those Apple glitches did not involve anything so personal and one did not have to buy the iPhone.  Besides, the cost for said iPhone was four times less than ObamaCare’s website!  They are not done with the ACA site yet!

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