This Will Heal You…

So powerless, but when sand was removed, felt so terrifically light
So powerless, being buried vertically, but when sand was removed my limbs  felt  wondrously light

I can relate to your opening picture, let me explain…I was in the Philippines then (2000) and the locals could see there was something wrong with me by the crippled way I walked. Many asked and many more assumed it was due to a stroke.

“We have a remedy for you…if you will allow us to bury you in the sand up to your face?”

Well I knew most of the Pilipinos and the ones I did not know were friends of my friends; so I acquiesced to be buried after they
guaranteed they would not leave me alone to fry in the hot, hot sun.

So there I was on the shore of the South China Sea in Bauang, La Union buried in the sand – unable to move any part of me except the
eyeballs. I felt the weight of the sand and it comforted me, though soon enough, even though I was cool below the neck, my head was burning up and I asked one of them to wipe my brow and to block the sun.

Then I began worrying. What if a dog came and hiked his leg on me? Or what if a cat scratched at my roving eyes? I became obsessed with those worries and demanded to be dug out of the sand. The party of Pilipinos were laughing and joking around, not laughing at me – at least I don’t think so. You know, I tried everything not to move the way I did. I made the 18 hour flight to be engulfed by sand on a distant shore I knew nothing about.

The kaibigans (friends) released me from the confines of the hefty sand and for brief moments, I walked better and felt renewed and smooth once again, however; the feeling was gone before I left the beach.

Those brief moments made me feel so wonderful, even though that feeling of triumph was short-lived. I continued to try and walk that
way, effortlessly, but I realized that it was only because of being loosed from the heavy confine.

Have a good day.

Kontemporaryong Gamelan Pilipino
Kontemporaryong Gamelan Pilipino (Photo credit: nnes)

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