A Daughter’s Love

A Daughter’s Love

I unfortunately, could not attend court with my father today because my son is home from school; and my husband won’t allow it.  This in no way means that I do not support my father.

My dad was a good husband to my mother.  The only reason Mom left him was because she did not know how she would be able to support Dad financially or physically. I think she was overwhelmed, confused and scared.  She loved him very much and to this day tells me she thinks about him and still loves him.  They were married for 16 years and began going out in the eighth grade.  They were very close.  I don’t remember them ever fighting in front of us kids.  My mother once wrote a story for Valentine’s Day to the Pioneer Press about how my father saved her life when they were young and how ever since that moment, they had been in love with each other.  I believe I was six when that was written.

My father was always there for us growing up and never lost his cool with us. He was a very hard worker and gave all he could.  The best times of my life were times spent with him.    He always did the best he could for us.

The accident was a very hard time for all of us.  I was a teenager when it happened and did not see my father for a while. My mother had moved us far from him but when I was nineteen I saw Dad again and we became very close.

He has always been an inspiration to me.  I’ve seen him endure unimaginable pain, and yet, somehow he was able to keep his sense of humor through it all.  Please consider this man’s past when coming to a decision and notice that there was never so much as a blip on a spotless record, until now. Those who really know him love him deeply. He has never hurt a soul in all his years.

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