Troubled daughter…

A Call From Natalie…

“Hello,” I softly asked? Small talk ensued for a minute, and then I heard sadness in her young voice.

“Hi Dad, how ya’ doin?” Natalie needed something I could tell; why else would she be calling me now before 9:00 A.M. she never calls. She quickly began with a tale of woe and of having nowhere to spend the previous night, “I slept in my car Dad, I had to.”

I wanted to hug her and take care of her troubles but I was no longer able to do that and besides, the call registered as coming from Red Wing about fifty miles from here.

I logically asked her, “Did you call your mom for help?” Her mom had taken Nat from me and allowed me to see her only a smattering of times because I had been in a near fatal car wreck that rendered me paralyzed. and her mom had taken everything from me, legally because the ex had her name all over the guardianship papers. Yes it was legal, but moral? I don’t think so. And Nat now comes to me?


“Mom just screamed at me,” Nat sadly claimed.

I felt her pain and understood how righteous her mom could get, “What did she say?”

She hollered, “When are you going to fuckin’ grow up?” That sounded like her mom; she couldn’t handle problems other than her own self-made ones. “If you don’t wanna’ help Dad that’s okay…”

“I never said that I didn’t want to help Natalie. My income is less than five hundred a month. I can’t afford to get you another apartment,” that was how my slow processing mind worked; she hadn’t asked me to get her an apartment.  

“Just hang on Natalie where are you at; where can I find you?” “And Nat we’ll talk when I pick you up, I’ll leave now and should be there in about an hour. I had done a couple of jobs in that town before the wreck so I had a vague sense of where things were.

“I’ll be waiting on Main Street, you know, Highway 61?”

“Yeah I know I’ve been to that town many times, give me an address.”

“Do you know where the, St. James Hotel is?”

“Yeah of course, I’ll be there in about an hour.”

“Okay Dad but let me give you the address just in case…406 Main Street.”

“Got it hon, be there in about an hour.”

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