Honest Mistake

Graduation of Pre-school 5/07
Graduation of Pre-school 5/07


To whom this may concern:

The reason for this note is because Stephanie brought a note home saying that we have the book, “I Can’t Sleep” and the stuffed cat. We cleaned up and sorted through her play area downstairs…we found the stuffed cat. I placed it in her backpack. Next, we went up to her room and looked at every book in her bookcase; it wasn’t there. I told her not to fear because if the book was in the house we would find it. We went to her closet next and rearranged everything but still the book was not found. Next we emptied her toy box but the book wasn’t there either.

I do remember her reading the book to me, but I am almost positive that we sent that book back to school with her. Nevertheless, I will keep my eyes open…If you cannot find it and if Stephanie was the last child to have that book checked out, I will pay for the cost to have it replaced.

Respectfully yours,



P.S. The book had already been returned, they found it at school.



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