“Wait Daddy!”

A car was speeding by…

and my poppy was about to step into the street.  But now as he watched and waited for me, his head didn’t turn to look.  He always  protected me.  Others seemed to dislike my dad; I never understood why.  Unless of course it was his yelling and swearing that he seemed unable to control.  Poppy never swore or yelled at me nor at my friends, but I think because of rumors that he was an angry man, his fate was sealed.

He was never angry with me (he said) and I understood that, but still when he began ranting he couldn’t stop, for some wild reason, that even he was unsure of.  The times that happened of course, made me sad but no sadder than my daddy.  He grabbed onto me when he was done.  Only minutes had gone by, “Why did those times seem like hours?”  Poppy couldn’t stand to see me cry; and then I would hug him back and start joking with him until his smile returned, I love my Poppy.

The screeching of brakes and a sound that made my blood chill echoed through my ears .   Daddy was no longer in my view.  I pushed along fast as I could on my scooter but when I got there a crowd hovered over a still man.  The people were pointing and talking about the poor little girl who lived with him,  “What would she do now?” Of course I was that girl.  I was his daughter.  Steps away, I threw the scooter down and wondered why nobody was helping him instead of standing around ogling him?

“Don’t any of you know CPR,” I yelled!  I didn’t get a response.  I felt for a heartbeat and then for a pulse…ahh there was a strong pulse.  I lay my light jacket under Poppy’s head and tilted his head back. Then, I began the chest pumps and did those about thirty times inwardly praying.

I’ll bet that when Daddy got me these life-saving lessons he never thought it would be his life I would be attempting to save…”Hang in there Poppy!”  I couldn’t even see those surrounding us anymore, there was nobody there except, me and my poppy.  I heard murmuring but I thought that far away sound was bugs, not people.

With Daddy’s head tilted back I inhaled a big gasp of air and then touching his lips for the first time with mine, I pushed the air out of me and into him…I gasped for another double-load of air and blew into him…he started to vomit – so quickly I turned his head to the side and cleared all away while I readied myself for another life-giving breath to my dad…

I heard sirens, an ambulance had been called.  They rushed over with the stretcher and oxygen mask and other equipment and saluted me for my bravery, but I didn’t deserve any kudos.  This man is my poppy.  I am also ashamed of myself for my thoughts about the people who were there, for one of them called the ambulance.  Let that be a lesson to me…never accuse with my thoughts…

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