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The Democrats have their attack ads out,  as farcical as they may be.   They tear into the greedy, money-grubbing, tax evading other party and have been relentless with those undeserved attacks.  Don’t you know the Democrats are the party of compassion who want to give the middle class and poor what most of the rich have worked for.  Socialism. Plain and simple.  By the way, “government funding” is another term the dems use, for raising your taxes.  Government this, government that, when it comes to paying for any government programs it is the people who’re paying through increased taxes.  Now their ads include Republicans raising your taxes while proposing tax cuts for the wealthy.

Republicans also have ads running, but they tend to focus on the incumbent’s record and not their income.  The ads portray the Republican as an uncaring, rich snob only out for him/herself.   Those ads would have you believe that the entire GOP are without feelings or scruples of any kind, what?  The Liberals want you to believe that the Conservatives want an ignorant nation. That’s evident with the way Republicans are portrayed as anti education (how silly is that?) and evil people; they are all rich don’t you know and that somehow equates a bad person?  The GOP are all without compassion and only want tax cuts for the wealthy, oh how nasty!  How could anybody vote for a member of that party?

Well let’s take at who really has the money and remember all the while the words of the “Cool” pres saying, “If you’re successful, you didn’t get there on your own.”

In the case of many of the wealthy democrats, that is true, for theirs was inherited.  However, the Republicans tend to earn their money. They began companies and businesses that employed many others:  ”Yes America, there is a wealth gap. Seven of the top ten wealthiest members of Congress are Democrats; click on hyperlink above.

And as such they had better be careful of stones that they throw.  This revelation of extreme wealth by Democratic politicians is completely contrary to the public image of the Democratic Party. President Obama has castigated “millionaires and billionaires,” suggesting they are evil people, largely Republican or conservative. The issue of the Democratic Party as the millionaire party has not yet made it into the mainstream media. But the facts are indisputable. Democratic members of Congress tend to be wealthier than their Republican counterparts.


Now onto the local scene…In April 2006, Dayton was rated one of America’s “Five Worst Senators” by Time magazine, which also labeled him “The Blunderer” for such “erratic behavior” as his temporary closure of his office in 2004 because of an unspecified terrorist threat, his complaints about “limited power in a chamber where authority derives from seniority,” and his comments in February 2005 that the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota was “worth a hell of a lot more than the whole state of South Dakota”, a remark he later apologized for. News reports of a Dayton question-and-answer session quote the Senator giving himself a “F” grade for his time in the Senate. Largely based on his Washington behavior, The New Republic dubbed Dayton’s subsequent run for state-level elected office “Eeyore For Governor.”  Until 2013, Dayton opposed the legalization of medical cannabis because he would not sign a bill to legalize it.  Dayton allegedly told a mother of a child with severe epilepsy to buy the drug illegally because he would not sign a bill to legalize it, but he denied having said that.



Receiving a mention from BHO.
Receiving a mention from BHO in Golden Valley, MN

And now onto the debate held this morning October 1, 2014 in Duluth between Senator Franken and GOP Senate candidate, Mike McFadden.

Oct 1, 2014
FALSE FRANKEN CLAIM: Franken Says He’s Done Everything He Can To Help Northeastern Minnesota.

THE FACTS: Mesabi Daily News slams Franken for not vocally supporting the project, catering to environmentalists. “McFadden pointed out that there are seven agencies…

Star Tribune on @alfranken: “He’s held no town halls, and his interactions with people are limited.”…

Follow our debate rapid response here:

FALSE FRANKEN CLAIM: Franken Says He’s Done Everything He Can To Help Northeastern Minnesota.

THE FACTS: Mesabi Daily News slams Franken for not vocally supporting the project, catering to environmentalists. “McFadden pointed out that there are seven agencies involved in what has now been more than seven years of regulating the PolyMet proposal. He said that is plain ‘crazy’ and anti-jobs for the Iron Range. … That is a message that needs to be sounded loud and clear and often by Minnesota politicians, regardless their political party. However, unfortunately that is not the case with Minnesota’s two U.S. senators, Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar. They shy away because of concern about what some environmental groups would say.” (Editorial, “National message for PolyMet delivered,” Mesabi Daily News, August 14, 2013)

FALSE FRANKEN CLAIM: Franken says he works across the aisle with Republicans.
THE FACTS: Al Franken Is The Senator Least Likely To Reach Across The Aisle On Legislation. “The most likely to co-sponsor a bipartisan bill in the House was Rep. Jim Matheson (D-Utah), with 73.1 percent of the bills he co-sponsored introduced by a member of the other party. The least was Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), with 1.2 percent of the bills he co-sponsored authored by someone on the other side of the aisle. In the Senate, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) led the way, with 72.9 percent of her bills. Last among senators counted was Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.), at 9.7 percent.” 
(Tal Koplan, “Report: David Vitter, Alan Grayson introduce most bills,” Politico, January 9, 2014)
THE FACTS: Al Franken Only Voted Against His Party Two Times Out Of 161 Votes In 2013 And 2014, A Rate Of 98.8%. (“Voting With Party,” OpenCongress.Org, accessed September 29, 2014)

FALSE FRANKEN CLAIM: Franken says he supports using only made-in-America steel for the Keystone XL pipeline.
THE FACTS: Franken Voted For A Loophole Allowing Foreign Steel For Keystone XL, Supports Subsidizing Australian Iron Mining. KBJR-TV On Loophole: “Sen. Franken supported a 2012 amendment that would not prevent the Keystone XL pipeline from being built with non–U.S. Steel.” (Nick Minock, “McFadden spars with Democrats over foreign steel,” KBJR-TV, August 14, 2014)

FALSE FRANKEN CLAIM: Franken Says He Never Voted Against The Keystone XL Pipeline.

Mike McFadden
Mike McFadden

THE FACTS: Senator Franken HAS Directly Voted Against The Keystone XL Pipeline:
Franken Voted Against Providing For Keystone XL Pipeline Approval. “Hoeven, R-N.D., amendment no. 1537 that would provide for approval of the Keystone XL pipeline between Canada and the United States. It would require that the route for the pipeline in Nebraska be submitted by the state of Nebraska. It also would provide for certain environmental protections.” (S. 1813, Roll Call Vote #34, 3/8/12, Franken Voted Nay)
Franken Voted Against Creating A Deficit-Neutral Reserve Fund To Allow For Legislation To Provide For The Approval And Construction Of The Keystone XL Pipeline. “Hoeven, R-N.D., amendment no. 494 that would create a deficit-neutral reserve fund to allow for legislation that would provide for the approval and construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline as long as the legislation’s costs are offset without raising revenue.” (S. Con. Res. 8, Roll Call Vote #61, 3/22/13, Franken Voted Nay)

FALSE FRANKEN CLAIM: Mike McFadden would make healthcare more expensive for women.

THE FACTS: Healthcare Costs For Young Women Are Expected To Rise 55 to 62 Percent Under Obamacare. “New research from the Manhattan Institute estimates that insurance rates for young men will rise by 99 percent. Rates for younger women will rise between 55 percent to 62 percent, according to the right-leaning New York think tank.” (Kathy Kristof, “Study: Insurance costs to soar under Obamacare,” CBS Moneywatch, September 30, 2013)
Mike McFadden has proposed lowering the cost and increasing the access of oral contraceptives by making them available over-the-counter without a prescription. “GOP U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden, of Minnesota, says women should be able to purchase birth control pills over the counter — without involving either insurance or their employer.” (Allison Sherry, “McFadden says oral contraception should be available without prescription,”Minneapolis Star Tribune, August 9, 2014)

Says he holds many public meetings across Minnesota.
The Minneapolis Star Tribune has written that Senator Franken and his staff go to great lengths to keep Minnesotans away from Franken. “In his campaigning, Franken seldom strays into a venue where he might be challenged on his views. He’s held no town halls, and his interactions with people are limited. His advisers point out he was at the Minnesota State Fair almost every day. But the line to see Franken snaked around the booth, and fairgoers found themselves quickly hustled to a rapid-fire handshake, a quick photo with the senator and a parting souvenir — a ‘Franken fan’ consisting of a picture of Franken’s head on a stick.” (Allison Sherry, “Franken’s campaign recipe: lot of policy, dash of humor,” Minneapolis Star Tribune, Sept. 28, 2014)

THE FACTS: Al Franken’s 2008 Gas Tax Flip-Flop:

Wouldn’t Favor Gas Tax, But Keep It On Table. Hauser: “Would you favor raising the federal gas tax to pay for that as a stimulus, and of course to help the infrastructure?” Franken: “Uh, no. I’d keep it on the table, but I wouldn’t favor that. …” (“At Issue” KSTP-TV, February 10, 2008)

Flip-Flops On Gas Tax Later In Same Interview. Hauser: “OK, so, you would, Al, leave the gas tax on the table—“ Ciresi: “What does on the table mean? Does that mean that we’re not going to do it or it’s a potential?” Hauser: “Is it a potential?” Franken: “There’s different ways to pay for infrastructure—it has potential, sure, absolutely, and I think we should do it in this state too.” Ciresi: “We’ve got to say what we’re going to do. We can’t just go out to people and say, ‘we may do this, we may do that.’ We’ve got to have a program, otherwise it’s Washington as usual.” (“At Issue” KSTP-TV, February 10, 2008)

Are both parties full of shit?  Sure they are, but I think the Liberal Democrats are in shit up to their foreheads, whereas the more Conservative Republicans, for now anyway,  are in it only reaching their necks.  They can still look around and see what is going on and of course there are exceptions on both sides of the aisle – good bad, right wrong, up down, back forth, inside outside, now nobody was left out huh because I wouldn’t want anybody to feel slighted.



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