Notes on Year-End Update Speech…

Obama’s year end update on his greatness: He shuffled all blame onto Sony for not showing the movie, “Interview,” but we all know what a grand, self praising, conceited, pompous person this is. Truth be told, the CEO of Sony contradicts the president on the movie release issue.

This was a year-end speech in which B. O. almost broke his arm patting himself on the back. He took credit for the oil being produced in the USA, “America’s now the number one producer in oil and number one in natural gas,” as if he helped it along.  These are private businesses that are doing that and not the government. Remember he was, and is, against the Keystone Pipeline.  No drilling on public land, that’s Barack, protect the earth worm.

“We’re saving drivers about seventy cents a gallon over last Christmas,” definitely not because of him, we are doing it in SPITE of him. He has been against Keystone Pipeline giving as reason, I think we saw a spotted owl there… Okay, okay, I’m being a little facetious, but I’m sure you know what I mean.

He congratulated himself for the auto industry bailouts having repaid every last dime, really? I didn’t notice any extra change in my pocket, did you? B.H.O. says the auto industry is poised to have the best year since 2005, ahem, wasn’t that when a certain Republican was president? Just a note – the foreign exchange rate in the Philippines (and I was there to take advantage of it) was the highest it had ever been fifty-six pesos to one U.S. Dollar in 2004 when George W. was President, but now that rate has dropped to forty-three pesos to one U.S. Dollar; which goes to show how B.O. has been perceived on the world stage; actually he is perceived exactly how he is, but I don’t want to draw any red lines. View him with rose-colored glasses if you must, but all I know is that from 2004 to 2007, unemployment was actually decreasing, but things went sour in 2008, and we’ve been trying to bounce back ever since and that info was provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

I don’t know how he can read from his list of crap – of fallacies. He spoke of the Affordable Care Act (he no longer affixes his name Obamacare to it because ACA is such an embarrassment) but says he got ten million people to sign up for it, again really? How many Americans lost health care insurance because of Obamacare and then had to go back and get it…he won’t tell you that. Enrollment is picking up he says…why is it picking up? Because more people have lost their health insurance he praised Obamacare at one time, as saving everyone that signs up for it, twenty-five hundred dollars and also said, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor…if you like your health plan you can keep your health plan etc…one lie after the other and he just never stops, he is really sickening…will he find a way to run again in 2016 because if he does B.O. will surely win again, surely he will because…

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