And So It Goes…

And so it goes…but I don’t want to hear any excuses from anybody, and especially not from the guy in charge of the country. Somebody once told me, “This is still the best country in the world.” Oh contrare, America was far and away the best country in the world – bar none – but the keyword here is – was.  The areas where we still have superiority were in place long before this current administration and its attempt bring them down.

I spent a few years in a third world country.  I must say that I see the once strong U. S. A. following many of that country’s lowly traits in place of them following our higher standards. The American was regarded as someone wise and knowledgeable, strong and almost infallible.  America should be setting the example of something to reach for.

I am afraid that after nearly eight years of Obama’s apologies where none were warranted, and our slow to act if we act at all, aid to our friends and supporter’s has made the American, one to be ashamed of his allegiance.


I mean we have been portrayed to the world as war mongers.  The world has been told that we torture some, and that we are a racist country; well who is portraying us in that light…BHO.    The same guy who let five terrorist’s go from GITMO in exchange for one deserter of the American uniform whose parents’ are Muslim and probably Bo B.  also.  Barack Obama didn’t rescue Sgt. Tamorresi – a Christian, why? It would have required only a phone call and no prisoner exchanges.  But that’s older news.

Barack Hussein Obama acts cowardly on the world stage by not assisting our allies and instead tuning away when the call for help is heard.

And they’ve seen how he talks, “If you cross this red line,” and how he acts, his red-line comments became an invitation for Assad to do more because he knew that Obama wasn’t serious.

Despite what Obama said, what was conveyed through his actions and body language was that the red line was one that Obama didn’t want to cross.

“The general population doesn’t know what’s happening and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know.”…/eric-holder-u-s-dignitaries-no……/ And be sure to read comments!

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