Once Upon a Love…

While a junior in high school back in 1971, I drove to where Dad and my brother were hanging vinyl at some new apartment buildings over on Cty. Rd. D at LaBorre Rd. It was ugly vinyl (I thought) but their job was to hang it and not to choose. It was a black & grey damask vinyl that looked similar to the one below… Watching Dad balance on the extension ladders as he dropped the 27 ft folded sheet (roll really) I observed the master.

In a few minutes he was down and we went into one of the rooms and began talking about me driving up to Fargo, “You’re nuts,” Dad said. But then he asked, “Do you need some money?” Dad paid me for some of what I had coming; he reached in his pocket and pulled out 2 new $50’s. I stopped to fill up the gas tank and was soon on 94… I always wanted to help Dad, but he didn’t have the patience to show anybody what he so easily knew, until years later that is.

I arrived in that tractor town of Glendon, Minnesota just across from Fargo and there was a gas station (the local hangout) a couple o’ bars, and a post office.

The P.O. was closed but I noticed the lively gas station so I drove the revamped, (jacked up a little) classic-looking and fast, 1963 ex-highway patrol car, to the station. This beautiful auto had a large block 383 and dual points for quicker acceleration (when working correctly), shiny mags and low moaning muffler; the car was newly washed and waxed with new upholstery over the bucket seats (few cars had “Buckets” at the time) and back seat.   The tiny race car steering wheel with chrome button for the horn and black soft-grip wheel was an extra add-on. While the car was being admired by some I went inside to ask directions to RR2. The guy says, “You’re in it.” And he pointed across some barren fields.  I asked him how to get there, but he just pointed.

So I got back in and began driving over the mounds of dirt to get, Nancy.  Years later and Nancy and her mom still talked about that day.

Her mom remembered asking Nancy, “What is that coming this way?”

Nancy looked out the small, trailer home kitchen window and replied, “That’s, Steve!”

We enjoyed sixteen great and loving years together, two wonderful girls, a new home built on eight acres of rolling hills and two ponds that were spring-fed, but then…..

Nancy and I - At home in New Richmond, WI - 1987
Nancy and I – At home in New Richmond, WI – 1987


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