The End of an Era…..

Romolo’s Restaurant

Dad, at eighty-one years of age in 2011 purchased an ailing, Romolo’s Restaurant.  He and he alone (with family and when I say that I am including Tim Cook) – refurbished the place and all within it’s crumbling interior.  He expressed to me the many times he had to mortgage other properties in order to replace equipment that had failed at the restaurant.

Dad's Pizza pie at his Romolo's restaurant, love you, Dad.
Dad’s Pizza pie at his Romolo’s restaurant, love you, Dad.

I told him, “Dad, you’re sticking so much money in this place; do you think you’ll ever get it back out?”

His reply was, “I’ll never see a dime from this place, but you kids will.”

“Dad, we don’t care about that.  We all know this restaurant makes you happy, and in turn; that puts us at ease we’re just concerned about you.”

He got angry when I said that because he was the one always in control.

Dad always had a way of calming situations when voices began to rise and of allaying others worries and fears, whatever they may be.  What a true blessing he was to our family, of which, nobody can deny!

He was a favorite uncle to his many

1948 – My handsome Father

nephew’s and niece’s.  Whether it was playing the guitar and laughingly singing to them or in some instances guaranteeing loans for them when nobody else would so their dreams could be met.  Sometimes he even received a thank you for his kindness.

He was a benevolent, Father, forever giving.  That he gave was a remembrance of his childhood when he had nothing, and even

My beautiful mother - 1948
My beautiful mother – 1948

that was taken from him.  My dad was quite a man, but now, more than a year after his death we all need to let him go so he can give full attention to his wife, brothers and sisters that went on before.

We love you Dad,  thanks for the fond memories and Happy Father’s Day…..


Yes, the time has come to put a new guard in place… I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all involved for building, Romolo’s, into a crowded house once again. I met, personally, some of the many fine patrons who all had something in common: They all loved the little, “Meatball man,” a nickname given Dad when he was a kid.

“All the kids in the neighborhood had nicknames,” and he rattled off some of those to me, but of course my memory fails me.

Dad was a busy guy who could never sit still and never had a bad thing to say about anybody, he was too busy to waste time on gossip.

And so Dad, neither will I gossip. You and Mom take care of each other and someday we will all have a big reunion in the sky, but until then – I love you, my siblings love you and many of your customers from throughout the years love you.

Most importantly – God loves you – fare thee well, Dad.


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