Orientation at NJS

My youngest precious baby had her all-day orientation yesterday. Children only – no parents…parents had an informational meeting at 4 and then we were left to find kids in their advisory room. However, next to my daughter’s name was a blank line. I had to go to a window at front of school to attain her room number. I got the room # and of course it was all the way at the end of the hall where I just came from.

Ok, we were united and now the open house began in which we (Stephanie already went to her classes earlier in the day) had to go to each one of her classrooms. She was excited and self-confident in her strange, new, and much larger surroundings. She had complete control of the situation. She grabbed my hand and off we went. We had to be in each new class before the bell sounded (a matter of minutes) there were 7 classrooms scattered about the large and newly redone school and we made it to all on time with the expert navigation of Stephanie.

I saw Stephanie in a new light yesterday. She looked so calm, so cool, and was not phased by being the new kid. She was in command of the situation (even while needing to help her old, disabled Dad). Steph never flinched one bit at the way things were done. She was a confident young lady and reminded me of my youth. Except that I didn’t have a crippled old man to lug around. Stephanie showed real class! I am a proud papa!

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