“Brave New World”

Yes, Nixa, Missouri is a new world to my daughter and I.  And Stephanie is a brave young lady for always keeping a smile on her face while yielding to my whim to move here.  I really came to hate Minnesota with its freezing temps and unyielding liberalism from most.

Gone are summers in the 70’s. For the most part the Springfield – Nixa area spends its days in the 90’s with the heat index well above 100.  We are about 20 – 30 degrees warmer than the land we moved from – Minnesota.  That holds true in January also when the average temp here in the Nixa area is in the 40’s.

Stephanie has been in school down here since August 12 and already she has a new best friend and many others as well.  Are they the nerdy girls?  Well Steph is in the “Honors Program” as is her BF, Caitlyn who happens to be an “Honors Math” student as well.  In fact that was where the two met while taking the test for Honors English.  They are both here from different states and have already given nicknames to each other.

Stephanie’s Phy-Ed teacher told her that she was one of the top ten fastest runners which prompted me to ask, “Would you like to join the track team? You will have more friends if you get involved with school activities.”

“Na, I don’t want to Dad.  Besides, I have karate three times a week and church every Wednesday evening where I’ve got more friends.  I don’t have the time.  Besides, everybody here is so nice.  Making friends won’t be a problem.”

I couldn’t argue with such logic and i agreed with her about the nice, polite and respectful people.  I noticed a big difference as well.

Moving at an opportune time can really be a plus.  For Stephanie and I that time was nine years ago, that was how long it took for my brain to instantly come up with the idea for a move last month.

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