Creationism or Evolution

I haven’t said this in many years – but life is grand! Stephanie had another great day at school.

Ozark Mtns. Lake Taneycomo in background.
Ozark Mtns. Lake Taneycomo in background.

She’s yet to have a bad one. We both love where we’re at! Sometimes a move can be just what the doctor ordered, if you know what I mean.

The lack of circulation on my half dead right side had me in a numbing freeze mode for more than six months of each year . I mean really, is that any way to live – ahem – survive? We were becoming stagnant in Minnesota because we weren’t required to do anything. We just had to cope daily with feeling insignificant in a land of more and more non-believers. Our city had become one of political correctness and where Christianity was becoming more of a nuisance than a solid belief.

Stephanie is loving twice weekly church and Sunday school. She is involved with every activity their youth group does. Her Nixa JH years are going to be fantastic, near as I can tell. It is pure joy when she comes home after school and remarks on her day!

Yesterday when she got home Stephanie exclaimed that twenty-six others in her class gave creationism as an answer to the earth’s beginning.  She had asked me that question the other night and was really surprised at how many believed the same.

She went…”Only six out of the whole class said it had to be evolution because the universe has been in place for billions of years.  That total would have been reversed in Minnesota.  However; Stephanie pointed out that God was the alpha and omega. He always was so he did create the universe billions of years ago and a thousand years is like one day to God.”

The ones who believed in evolution sad, “Yeah, but what about dinosaurs?”

I answered that question with a verse from the Bible. Job 40:15 “Look now at Behemoth, which I made as I made you; it eats grass like the ox.” Behemoth – dinosaur? And they’ve only been called dinosaurs since the 1930’s.” That’s my girl!

I always stress to her the importance of reading and knowing what you’re talking about – look it up. Something I forget to do sometimes, but then, on Facebook anyway my friend, Donna reminds me.

We went to Steph’s karate after we talked about that and after her supper. She is learning self defense, this time around, in the Kenpo style and says she learns even more moves

Her new Kenpo Karate uniform...August 2015
Her new Kenpo Karate uniform…August 2015

than in her tai kwon do training but now considers herself a, “Lethal lady.” She is thankful for both as one deals more with various kicks and leg movements and her Kenpo deals mostly with hand and arm situations.

When my time is up I’ll be able to go with confidence because of the physical and mental preparedness she has had.  My first girls were unprepared and definitely not ready for this mean old world when their mom kicked them out to fend for themselves when they were only fifteen years of age; I had no idea at the time.

Their Mom really went bonkers at the time that I was in that one-car rollover.  She wouldn’t allow me at our home to see the kids.  I was treated as a leper…a crazy man that she had guardianship over.  Once all belongings, home, cars, bank accounts, and the  credit cards had been taken out of our names and switched to her name only, she divorced me.  Within a year of that, shipped our youngest daughter off to be a housecleaning slave (Anna’s words) for her uncle in Texas.  He devastatingly abused her, verbally.  She never recovered from that.

The next time I saw the kids I didn’t recognize them, mentally.  Their cold, hard ways

Nancy and I circa 1987 - pre-accident.
Nancy and I circa 1987 – pre-accident.

shocked me, but I pretended not to notice giving the benefit of my doubts to their mother.  I could not and did not understand what had happened to everybody.  Though, I was not to say anything because I had suffered a traumatic brain injury and no longer knew anything…and if I did know something it would be forgotten within minutes and that was how their mother saw me and told others how I was.

And so it goes…but then my daughter Stephanie reminds me of how lucky I am and says,”Stop looking back, Dad.”  And so with eyes on forever brighter days ahead…Thanks Steph.

2 thoughts on “Creationism or Evolution

    1. Thanks Chris. Yes, this seems like it’s been a good move for us…a great move! Here in tornado alley I was woke by only one, what I assumed to be a tornado, but in reality was only a loud wind blowing and driving rain. Other than that occurrence we had never seen one! Thank you for the blessings and stay in touch. By the way, Gail was sorry she didn’t see you at the 45th reunion.


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