America, america…..

And So It Goes…

I am a cripple because of a car accident in America

Pronounced dead and given “Last Rites” in America

Wife became my guardian in America

Took all I had in America

Divorced me in America

Ten years of lonely days and lonely nights in America

Books – could not recall context at top of page once at bottom of page in America

Brief jobs – no insight – slow mental processing – right-side paralyzed in America

Physical therapy unaffordable in America

Could travel to new land via big jet airliner – pay rent, therapy and live meagerly but in comfort – not in America – but…

In the Philippines…

In the Philippines, for therapy, five years, but not progressive

In the Philippines, enjoyed treatment of the, “Rich American”

In the Philippines, you said you loved me and I was fooled, you pretended well

In the Philippines, you stole my money – three times

In the Philippines, we fought and we argued, but we endured

In the Philippines, you were embarrassed of me

In the Philippines, you wouldn’t introduce me to friends or family

In the Philippines, we conceived perfection

In the Philippines, you were necessary, but evil towards me

In the Philippines, I married you anyway so you could save face with your family

In the Philippines, an angel was born

In the Philippines, obtained visitor’s visa for you and angel to visit America

In the Philippines, said, “Paalam” and went aboard big jet airliner to… America

Said hello to America…

Introduced you and baby to Mom & Dad in America

Fought and argued in America

Daughter diagnosed with autism in America

Jealousy in America

Said I spent too much time with daughter in America

Would not return to Philippines because in America

Saw attorney and began filing for your citizenship

You flew to New York to visit sister from Philippines but in America

Cooked up scheme to have U. S. pay for trip back to Philippines, while in America

I filed for divorce in America

Trip to Philippines wanting me to pay even while living with another in America

Sneakily deleted all your condemning text on my cellphone in America

Being sly copied all passwords from computer in America

Her friends, once mine, infect computer with Trojan Horse Virus in America

Confront her about police and CPS out four times in one week while in America

Convicted of burglary for stepping across her threshold in America

Given a felony for that set-up and trumped-up charge in America

Disgraced me in front of my peers in America

No record, not even a mark or misdemeanor. Probation for me in America

Skedaddled to New York afraid of being put in jail in America

For saying and writing such lies to court in America

Her friend once mine and also son-in-law in America

Turns into wife beater and nearly kills my eldest daughter in America

Hard to believe, but it is I who am blessed in America

Judge awarded me primary custody of our daughter in America

She pays child support in America.

And so it goes…..

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