Winter Vibes

After School

“I’m home Ma,” I said loudly as I threw my books on the couch.

I walked toward the kitchen where she was stirring the spaghetti sauce that had obviously been simmering all day, I knew because of the wonderful smell.  I really love that warm, comfortable aroma.

“Isn’t the snow beautiful, mom?  You can’t complain about today’s weather.  It’s 27° almost freezing.”

Freshly fallen shroud of snow.....
Freshly fallen shroud of snow…..

“You don’t know me very well, I can complain about it if I want to, remember I’m from Louisiana where it’s always warm or hot!”

“But Ma’…they also have hurricanes.”

“Every spring we get tornadoes, three months of summer, and then it’s freezing again.”

“What about fall Mom?  Autumn is my favorite time of year.”

“Too cold! It’s either freezing cold out, or snowing.  I don’t know which I hate more – yes I do – I hate the cold more and these winters are so long!  Everyday for seven months it’s either freezing cold or snowing and almost freezing.  I’m glad we don’t get the freezing rain though because that is the worst. That stuff really causes problems. I know why the bears hibernate now.  They have some sense about them.  We’ve got months of this crap!”

“Ma…the sauce smells great, can I get a piece of “Dago” bread and dunk it in?”

“You just wait for supper it won’t be long.  Besides, your dad will be here in about half an hour.”

“Wow, that’s early for him.”

“Yeah well, you’d better get out there with a shovel…you know how crabby he gets if the walks aren’t shoveled.”

“I know.  How about a cup of hot chocolate?”

“Oh crap, why don’t you wait until you’re done shoveling?”

“Okay, sheesh.  Sorry.”

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