Would You Like To…

Argentine Tango


“A dance of passion and drama, will you – Tango – with me?  Out of the many loves and lusts of my life it is only you who offers inspiration and desire and it is you I want to do this with.  Fly with me to Buenos Aires and let’s be sensuous together in the land that bred intimacy.

Vickie, have you ever seen, Al Pacino, in – Scent of a Woman – do the tango? Wow! What a scene – what a dance!

That’s the way I tango.  I do it once all eyes are upon me or after my emotions erupt. The Argentine Tango especially when done in Buenos Aires, commands the respect of those watching and those with peaking emotions. 

“The tango is one of the most sensuous dances of them all. It first started appearing in brothels and massage parlors as a way to entertain the men while they were waiting their turn.”

Vickie replied, “I agree it’s very romantic and graceful and I’ve danced the Tango with gentlemen who knew what they were doing.  I need to follow their lead. To answer your question, I have seen the movie; it is a classic.”

“In my travels I have been to many South American countries and even to Argentina once. The Tango in that place is intimate, passionate, a mind and soul moving experience.

The Tango started as a cheerful music danced and played in the slums, and could often be heard in the bordellos. The Tango moved slowly from the slums to the Barrios, or working and middle class neighborhoods. It was through the performances of the Organitos (portable organs ) by itinerant Italians that the tango got into homes. By the beginning of the 20th century the Tango was moving from the outskirts to downtown.

I did that dance in sa Pilipinas once. Though the Pilipino had no impact on the tango…I could envision the heated dance getting its start in their amorous land, that then, was ruled by Spain.

A fine young lady that I almost married, Nina, and I dined on the rooftop of the Bayleaf Hotel and while the orchestra played, I got in the mood. Nina knew what was about to happen.  My mind’s eye saw a wonderfully erotic scene coming to life.

The mixture of the heat and wetness of the night, and being surrounded by many beautiful, darling, hot blooded Pilipinas the passion would not let go.  Right there on the rooftop – I exhausted myself in the mood or grasp of love.

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