Riverdale’s 39th Annual Western Roundup

The Tommy Bilyeu Family in Concert

My daughter and I moved from Woodbury, Minnesota to Nixa, Missouri on the first day of July 2015. Nixa, a small town located just about six miles south of Springfield in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains has excellent schools and was the perfect move for the two of us.

Yesterday while on the way to her karate class Stephie tells me, “Dad, I just love my life here!”

Words that every parent yearns to hear, I think.

Since mid August we have been attending Riverdale Baptist Church at the invitation of our good friend, Carroll G. She told us that there are many fine churches in the area and told us the location of at least three.  The truth is, Stephanie loves Riverdale and wants to remain with their Sunday school and Wednesday evening groups; I enjoy the great Bible sermons, and I – well I have never felt closer to God than while sitting in one of their church pews.

Today Stephanie and I along with hundreds of others enjoyed a special treat, a concert by the talented Bilyeu family. The entire Bilyeu family had been blessed with awesome voices from Mama Bilyeu down to Tonya Bileu’s five-year old grandson and the many family members in between.

Riverdale's 39th Annual Western Roundup...people even arrive by horseback! The concert and feast that follows is so good!
Riverdale’s 39th Annual Western Roundup…people even arrive by horseback! The concert and feast that follows is so good!

Jamie Bilyeu Is the pastor of the church just as his late father Tommy was pastor before him. Tommy began the Western Roundup from a church in Springfield.  Jamie provides a solid, lower-tone euphony along with Mama and sisters.  He is also a blessed member of The Bilyeu Trio along with sister’s Tonya and Tammy.

Tammy Bilyeu is Stephanie’s Sunday school and Wednesday evening youth leader whom Stephanie adores.  Tammy is also a member of the Bilyeu Trio who incidentally hosted the event this year.  The harmony and balance of all family members are so strong that, I swear on a stack of Bibles, the angels of Heaven heard the glorious sounds.

Tonya’s singing of God’s Mountain (I can’t remember the exact title) but her singing of that song brought tears to my eyes when she sang of God being there even while we are in the valleys.  She is also a third of the family trio.

The band gave a superb performance, from the piano player to the violin player’s, Mandolin-playing son.

A man who has attended Riverdale all his life and is a relation of the Bilyeu family and is the comedian of the group and has a wonderful voice in his own right, sang a song called, “Oh Buddha” and following are the first verse and chorus …

Well, Old Buddha was a man and I’m sure that he meant well

But I pray for his disciples lest they wind up in hell

And I’m sure that old Mohammed thought he knew the way

But it won’t be Hare Krishna we stand before on The Judgment Day.

No, it won’t be old Buddha that’s sitting on the throne

And it won’t be old Mohammed that’s calling us home

And it won’t be Hare Krishna that plays that trumpet tune

And we’re going to see The Son not Reverend Moon!

All I can say is – What a grand performance and wonderful start to the week, bravo!               

The Tommy Bilyeu Family
The Tommy Bilyeu Family

4 thoughts on “Riverdale’s 39th Annual Western Roundup

  1. Steve I don’t think anyone could of done a better job of putting this in heartfelt words as you did Great job we appreciate you and are glad to have you worshiping with us at RIVERDALE


    1. The words were well intentioned and sincere. Just being lucky enough to be at a church that conjures up such strong familial feelings from the past is nearly divine intervention, to me, and a true blessing.


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