Does the President Have a Conscience


For only the third time in forty years there will not be a cost of living adjustment for us beneficiaries of Social Security and Social Security Disability Insurance.

Strangely enough, this golfing and roundball playing president who pretends to be a champion of the poor and needy, is something else entirely – greedy.  

Many people are out of work and on food stamps.  Yet, our president in all his infinite wisdom (sarcasm) continues spending as if his family only has to pay with Monopoly Money.

Here are some facts concerning this president and his family…

  1. With 31 trips for a total of 119 days abroad, President Obama has now traveled more than any other president, although Bush 43 and Clinton also set records before him.
  2. Air Force One Costs over $228,000 per hour to fly.
  3. The President sometimes travels with a 900-person, 45-car, 2 Air-Force Ones, 3-cargo plane entourage
  4. The 13-hour visit in South Africa for Mandela’s funeral cost an estimated $11 million (including 127 hotel rooms and not including the flight).
  5. Annual costs for supporting the White House exceed $1.4 billion.

By comparison, travel expenses for the Royal Family of Great Britain were less than $9 million in 2012 and the cost to maintain them for the year was $55 million. Bonus: The properties owned by the royals generate north of $200 million in rent, so when you include that figure, England actually makes money on the Queen.

So while the President proposes that we cut our mobile phone service in order to afford his Affordable Care Act, he is setting records on our collective dimes. That’s not Conservative or Liberal, that’s just a fact.

The dems depicted Mitt Romney as throwing old people off a cliff in 2012.  Who is really leading us to the edge of  a cliff, and in some cases, pushing us over? Most everybody now knows except those uninformed voters who prefer to stay in the dark.   Obama in my opinion, has managed to keep poor people poor and needing his government.

Medical care that was affordable before Obama’s care act came into being was taken care of via increases in SSDI.  We were able to hang onto some of our dignity.  Withholding the increases requires us to use government subsidies for the most minor of things because like big government they try making your boo-boo into a monster of a problem.

2016 will again be devoid of a COLA.  Our main source of healthcare, however; will be charging more.  For those of you who don’t know – Medicare is not free it only covers as if it were.  Barack gave the cost of living adjustment during his re-election year of 2012, in essence, buying many of his votes.

Now you know who was president each time the COLA wasn’t given, don’t you?  Barack Hussein Obama… BHO…obummer…the roundball and golf playing narcissist.   2010 and 2011 were the other years.

I haven’t noticed a cutback in the first families vacations or lifestyle and surely this president who is so concerned about helping the poor and disabled would curtail some of his extravagant spending first.  I mean he is throwing all of us old, disabled people, many (including myself) who live below the poverty level under the, hypothetical bus.  

The reason so many people, seniors and disabled alike, voted him and his W H administration in was because of blindly pulling the lever or filling in the dots for the Democratic Party.  Many only vote because of the propaganda heard on network television news channels.  Remember, Brian Williams, and Dan Rather; they were but two of the many to paint a brighter picture when while discussing any news from the Dems.

Taxpayers spent $1.4 billion dollars on everything from staffing, housing, flying and entertaining President Obama and his family last year.  That figure is according to author, Robert Keith Gray, of a new book, “Presidential Perks Gone Royal.”  It is a book concerned with taxpayer-funded presidential perks.

Lastly, nothing but a president’s conscience, (Does Obama even have a conscience) can dissuade him from buying his own reelection with use of some public money.

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