Such Are the Days of Our Lives

Such Are the Days of Our Lives

The next day we went over to see Nikki’s grandparents.

Though Nikki was really worried about seeing them again because (as she confided in me) “Mom told us over and over how they didn’t love us and didn’t want to see us. But then she told us the same about you Dad, and I see that was a big lie!”

“Of course they were lies, Nicole. Don’t you remember when you were a little kid, I think you were about four, and we walked over to grandma’s home from our house in all of that snow? We had the dog, Max, with us and when it got too deep for you, I put you on my shoulders. And don’t you remember when we had your birthday parties at Grandma’s? We all love you kids and any of us will do whatever we can to help, but we never see you, though I tried many times.”

We drove the long way over there, around Lake Phalen twice, until Nikki was more comfortable meeting her estranged grandparents’ once again. The smiles from everybody were felt deep within my soul because I knew how badly the parents and I wanted to help my kids.

Mom and Nicole sat at the kitchen table and began talking as if their close relationship had not even skipped a beat. They were both happy…Dad and I got comfortable in the living room and watched Phil Mickelson sink another birdie, on the television.

One thought on “Such Are the Days of Our Lives

  1. I remember this clearly Dad. I miss you terribly and haven’t been able to sleep tonight because I have been worried about you. Could we be friends on Facebook friends again? I have a new job that I really like. Is you phone number the same? I bought myself a cellphone and would really like to reconnect. It seems like every day I see a little girl that reminds me of Stephie. I’m sorry I have been so lost for so long but I do love you guys and miss you very much. I hope you both have a beautiful Christmas filled with love. . . .


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