Gettin’ the Kid Enrolled with Healthcare

I had already, after two failed attempts online, applied for Stephanie’s healthcare over the phone.   A week later and I get two envelopes stuffed with paperwork for me to finish the process.  

This morning 12/16/2015  there is much paperwork – birth certificate – consular report of baby born outside of America…social security number – proof of income and a host of other documents.  The gathering of the info is never a problem because I have it all in marked files.

I called Missouri’s Dept of Social Services at six this morning.  I knew they wouldn’t be open but assumed their office hours would be recorded – wrong.   MODSS local office in Ozark did not have them recorded.  I phoned their main headquarters in Jefferson City (their capital) and after listening to all their services I finally got their hours of operation.  They opened at 8:00 and closed at 5:00.  I made a correct assumption the the local office in Ozark, the county seat here in Christian County, opened its doors at the same time.

I made a wrong turn off the main highway because the sun was shining so brightly, too glaring to read the street sign.  The blinding sun reminds me of the Philippines, except of course; that the temps here in Missouri are much cooler (°40) this morning.

Commended for having things so neatly organized the lady who greeted me at the front desk took care of everything.  I sat there waiting for her to make the needed copies.  The one at the other desk was decorating the already, made to look like a package, door with snowflake cutouts.  

I asked jokingly, “Who will be getting the door for a present?  And you know, I remember making snowflakes like that when I was in grade school, but I’ve forgotten how.  Do you mind if I watch.”

She not only told me how to make them – she made me one to take with me with the folds evident.  I wanted to be reminded of how to do it just in case Steph would like to make some tonight and then Steph could do more decorating, something she loves to do, for a few minutes anyway.  


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