Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Stephanie was telling me this morning that, “It just doesn’t feel like Christmas.”

“How come,” I replied but I had already been feeling blue for a many days now.

“Haven’t you noticed Dad?  There’s no snow and it’s gonna’ be about 65 degrees tomorrow.  It just doesn’t feel right because there’s no snow.”

I replied, “I know.  Isn’t it great?”

We both chuckled.  We finished our breakfast and then went to buy some groceries.

Later in the evening I finished my Christmas shopping for Stephanie. Mostly assorted fashion jewelry to put in the jewelry armoire I have hidden in my closet.  Here’s the thing though.  The .com website I purchased the items from advertised, “Free – 2 Day Delivery.”

About ten minutes later I get the receipt and it said delivery between Dec 30 to January 6.  Oh no…I phoned them immediately, but to my chagrin those dates could not be changed because the order had already gone to its first stop.

Stephanie neglected to tell me about the shirts she had been wanting until Monday and there is a four to six week delay on those.  I guess the only gift she will have by the tree is that  jewelry armoire and some cashmere-lined gloves that “I got a deal on” purchased online but which cannot be returned, I hope they fit her.

It is so difficult for me to assimilate and though I’ve been here for six months already…Well I am really excited about Christmas 2016.

Merry Christmas everybody!

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