Church Family

My Sister Warned Me

“Steph – Steph,” I sobbed… I tenderly brushed her hair with my hand. What happened… I need to calm down and think.  

We were just giving each other a hug when she began backing up, smiling and talking nonsensical.  Was she joking with me as we so often do?  No. She’s not responding. There’s no movement!

I got to my feet and was going to fetch the cellphone back in my room at the other end of the apartment when I heard a soft, “What am I doing on the floor?”

I wondered what I should do? Continue on to get the phone and call 911 or hug and reassure my precious Stephanie that everything was okay?  I dropped to my knees and wrapped my arms around the angel pulling her into me and hugging maybe too tightly.

Stephanie seemed as confused as I was, “What happened,” I asked?

“I don’t know Dad?  I was giving you a hug but things turned all black on me.  Next thing I know here I am on the floor and you are standing above me.  Can you tell me what happened?”

“I don’t know either Steph?  I do know that I felt helpless as I watched you fall back and I couldn’t get to you to hold you up.  I watched as your head just missed the corner of the dresser. How are you feeling?”

“That was really crazy,” dazed Stephanie said.

“All I know is that you jumped off your bed and ran over to hug me.  Following the hug you began, in slow motion going back from me and looking distantly into space and saying some words that I couldn’t understand.  That was it – you passed out.  I began freaking out, praying out loud…Please, please, please bring her back to me.  Immediately I started asking myself what I should do?  When you woke up I was on my way to the bedroom to get my cellphone; I didn’t know where yours was or even how to get into it.   You sure you feel all right?”  

“Yeah Dad, I feel fine.”

“Well come on then and I will make you an omelette and toast and I’ll give you a sliced up orange (that’s why you passed out you know…not enough fruits and vegetables, a good time to slip that in.)  You aren’t getting the proper nutrients.”

Then I remembered reading somewhere that fainting is a sign of dehydration, so I had her drink a bottle of Dasani while waiting for her breakfast. I remarked about how great she was looking and acting.

“Can I still have my karate lesson today?”

“I guess if you are absolutely sure you’re feeling okay,” and I continued making her cheese omelette…..

A few hours later…”Okay now, you be sure to tell Phil about your passing out this morning and ask if he thinks karate would be all right for you today.  Take it easy if that’s possible in karate.  You can exercise your beautiful mind.”

Just as she walked in the door our good friends Mel & Joyce pulled up in their shiny, black new truck.  They had rescued us from this spot a while back when my car wouldn’t start and so they knew that Steph and I were here every Saturday.  Of course I told them what had happened to Steph earlier and that I planned to take her to a doctor after her lesson.

Joyce said, “Yeah, she is probably all right, but you should do that just to put your mind at ease.  It’s scary, I remember when it happened to my daughter.  Stephanie probably just got up too fast but get the doctor’s opinion.”  

Before we made the move to the “Show Me” State my sister tried to dissuade me from moving somewhere without family by saying, “What will you do if, heaven forbid, something should happen to either one of you? Who would you call?”

I do have family here; my church family.  And some will be here tonight to celebrate, Jesus’ Birth, together.

Just to let everybody know, the doctor concluded that Stephanie got up too fast.  The kid just has to slow it down a little.

We love you all and wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

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