Hawks and Doves

“Are you a hawk or a dove,” Phil asked?  

I was unsure what he was talking about so I replied, “A dove,” and he looked surprised.

Unlike the old quick-tempered, Steve, I have learned the advantages of mellowing before ranting and usually the rant isn’t even necessary.   The only thing a quick temper ever did for me was cost me money.  Instead, I have ripened into a calm and humble person.  I don’t try to promote conflict or angst. Alternatively, I have become the one to look for a peaceable solution and that is the reason for saying, I am a dove.

I continued watching, Julia, his wife, insulate my windows with plastic and dry them from top to bottom with a hair dryer so there are no wrinkles.  The plastic tightened and melded to the window and frame to insulate and keep the wind from blowing in around the edges or through the seams.

Now, instead of the furnace running every fifteen minutes, I can actually go hours without hearing that costly sound.  Like today, I left at seven-thirty this morning and before leaving I turned the thermostat down to sixty-six. I’ve been home for a few hours now and the furnace hasn’t been on yet…the inside temp is still at seventy-one.  But when the sun goes down, so do the temps so I will adjust the thermostat up a couple degrees to, sixty-eight.

I asked Phil, “Which are you,” not knowing the significance of either.  

Oh – I know the hawk is a predatory bird and the dove is the symbol for peace, but I don’t attack people until, and, unless provoked.  That was the reason for my reply;  I consider myself a peaceful man.

But when confronted with a quizzical look and these words from Phil, “I’m a hawk,” as he looked down at me and his smile grew wider, (he is taller than me as most are), “When I see something invasive I swoop right down for the kill.”

Actually, I considered him more of a dove type of guy because he is helpful, quiet, loving toward his wife, and a peaceable man like myself.  Being that my vision of him and what he said were so different I looked up main differences between a hawk and a dove, and this is what I discovered:

Dictionary.com’s explanation – Popularly, “Hawks” are those who advocate an aggressive foreign policy based on strong military power. “Doves” try to resolve international conflicts without the threat of force.

I now understood Phil’s bewildered look at me when I replied that I’m a dove because I am also an Obama opponent.  With regards to the turmoil – and there is plenty – everywhere you look in today’s world. The ways of the dove clearly have not worked.  

Time to be a hawk – Mr. President, bwahaha, as if.

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