Stephanie’s 13th

Friday evening after Steph’s karate lesson we stopped to pick up the mail before going into the apartment.  There among the # 10 sized envelopes was a more square one that didn’t fit in with the others.   It was addressed to, Stephanie!

So nice, I knew that it had to be a birthday card, but from whom? I didn’t know, then I teasingly told her, “It’s from me,” but I feared she was believing me.  I blurted out, “just teasing!”

“Dad – you really need to stop teasing all the time,” Stephanie said.

I popped the trunk open and locked the doors on the car and tossed her the key fob, “You go ahead upstairs – I’ve got to get some water and stuff from the trunk.”  The stuff was a birthday card and a chocolate birthday cake…wow, buttercream frosting is so rich but good too, know what I mean?

I got upstairs and the card was a musical one from Mel & Joyce.  We have been blessed with many friends here.  Inside the card were some crisp bills.  Stephanie was astonished.  I don’t think she was used to so much attention.

Our friend’s Don & Elizabeth took us to dinner at Hemingway’s Restaurant located on the 4th floor of the original and the biggest (over 500,000 sq ft) granddaddy of all Bass Pro Shops. There were many Hemingway artifacts to admire including pictures of the author being dwarfed next to the gigantic Swordfish he caught with the rod and reel also on display.

Ernest’s career as a writer began in a newspaper office in Kansas City at the age of seventeen. An early 20’s Corona #3 typewriter is on display in the “Wait to be seated” area of the restaurant along with many of his works.

The food was exceptional including the, “Alligator Tale” we shared for the appetizer. The buffet had so many delicious items available I couldn’t keep track. Don, Elizabeth and Stephanie all had the buffet, but I had their dinner salad (exquisite) fish and chips (choice of chips or fries) and coffee. What a meal…3 or four large beer batter breaded catfish – light-crispy and surrounding succulent fish, mmm, meal fit for a king, One more piece of that alligator tale (get the pun) and we were off to explore this humungous outdoors paradise complete with large aquariums and one that we didn’t see because i was just too tired, but they have been working on it for 10 years. Undoubtedly, it will be a magnificent exhibit to see.

We went to their bow area and for her birthday Don purchased Stephanie a compound bow to fit her size and strength. They invited her out to practice anytime she wants and tomorrow after church we are going there so Don can get the bow all set up for Stephanie.

This, I think was Stephanie’s favorite birthday, ever! Happy 13th!

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